Winners of the #PhotoDayWithFreepik Competition

Today is World Photography Day! And we’ve been waiting a whole month to celebrate the fact that back in 1839 (yep on August 19) that Louis Daguerre presented his brand new daguerreotype to the French Academy of Sciences – thus inventing the forerunner of today’s photography. And why so much enthusiasm, centuries later? Because this year at Freepik we launched a competition to commemorate the event and to give away prizes to celebrate it today.

What kind of contest? A photographic one. Duh! 

We created the hashtag #PhotoDayWithFreepik with all those visual minds and quick fingers ready to capture the moment in mind. At stake were three prizes of $1000, $500 and $200, with corresponding premium subscriptions. We were ready to do anything to make the as big a splash as we could and encourage you to take part. 

The challenge

We offered the following illustration to whet the appetites of our restless aspirants: 

Photo Day Freepik Winners

 And we asked you to take a photograph that would capture the feelings that this illustration aroused in you, as artistically as possible. 

A good number of talented people responded to the challenge, offering us their interpretations of the proposal. Thanks go to all of you!

With such a suggestive theme, we expected a creative bombardment and we weren’t disappointed. Check it out on the hashtag #PhotoDayWithFreepik on Instagram. 

Photo Day Freepik Winners

The work received

Live snaps and still lifes, mystical and bucolic images, portraits and self-portraits… Some snapshots capture the instant, others reveal hours of preparation in the studio. The possibilities of the proposed theme motivated participants from all over the world. Thank you for having given our competition so much caché. 

The winners

Today, on August 19, International Day of Photography, our jury has passed its verdict. 

In the eyes of our experts Almudena Cuenca, Daniel Enamorado and Cristina Jiménez Rey, the entries deserving of the prizes are the following:

Photo Day Freepik Winners

The winning image

The first prize of $1000 goes to @blackinblack_____(AMARIS) for this image: 

The Jury highlighted the harmony of the color palette, in line with that of the proposed theme, as well as the recreation of its symbolism: tears, hearts and the eye that gazes at the viewer. Finally, they praised the “very refined technique and good use of editing.” Congratulations to the winner!

Photo Day Freepik Winners

Second prize 

The $500 prize goes to @ruthiesmagicalcamera (Ruthie Henderson), for this undeniably mystical print: 

Here, the Jury valued the elaborate concept that includes “a series of symbols taken from the reference of the stimulus image, adapting it to the concept in the final image, giving it its own meaning.”

Photo Day Freepik Winners

Third prize

Kham Soneath (@kham_soneath) is the third winner, with a prize worth $200 and Premium subscription. This is her work: 

The Jury highlighted the image’s “well-selected color palette and a concept that perfectly brings together the background and main model in the image’s narrative.

You can enjoy the winning images here. And you can also dive into the torrent of entries from all the competition participants here

If you (rightly) regret letting this opportunity slip through your fingers, be sure to check out for inspiration. And stay tuned to our Instagram, where we share interesting tips and resources for creatives. Looking forward to more contests like this? We’re reading you!