Can you beat all of the stages of this crazy color detection test? Most people don't seem to be able to beat stage four, but the video comments prove that it is possible to get all of the letters correct. Do you have a privileged sense of color detection? Share your results with us!

Harry Whittier Frees became famous in the beginning of the XXth century for his funny photographs of baby animals in tiny costumes.

In this tutorial we'll create objects and elements with simple shapes and compile them into a fantastic composition. Using a limited color palette, you'll create a cohesive design that's easy to edit and perfect for print and web media alike!

This group of designers have come up with an anti-keylogger keyboard: no matter how infected your computer is, no keylogger will be able to steal your info!

The guys at RecordUs have made these logos look like their industry nemesis.This will probably make you cringe, but that's only proof that branding works by establishing emotional implcations between the brand and the users. Did you like them? :O

Jane Labowitch calls herself "Princess Etch a Sketch" for a reason. She has been playing with this toy since the age of four, and has turned it into her tool of the trade: she paints self-portraits, beautiful renditions of monuments, videogames, the Mona Lisa and album covers, all of it using just her Etch A Sketch!

This article introduce you to some of the tips and tricks to manage your things and to get better at your job.

Arif Nazir · 2 years ago

This graphic design agency has set up a Kickstarter project to fund their project: The Icon's Family. This online app will allow you to edit, recolor and customize batches of hundreds of icons at the same time. It would certainly make the job easier, so why don't you go check it out? :)

From Adele to Severus Snape, Frida Kahlo, and many, many more: this Malaysian mom does the most beautiful dishes using healthy food so that kids (and grown-ups) can enjoy finishing their plates! They said not to play with food, but this is just too beautiful not to watch! <3

By using natural images in your designs you can harness the calming power they produce and associate your brand with these positive effects.

Lisa Cooper · 2 years ago

Doritos has launched a contest with many prizes, both in cash and in experiences. If you don’t win anything, at least your work gets some exposure and you get the satisfaction of a well done job when art block kicks in, so take this chance to get your creativity moving! :)

In celebration of the Angry Birds movie McDonald's China has released the strangest hamburgers ever. They have created the “Naughty Pork Burger” and the “Super Red Burger”, but some people have reacted negatively about it.