Affinity Designer is a quite popular vector art program that was only available for Mac users, until now. With a teaser trailer, the announcement will surely get users hyped up about the news. They will be releasing betas for Windows users at the end of June, stay tuned!

The latest patent information reveals that Apple might be working on a tactile surface on the pencil itself, which would allow to process information such as the way that users hold the pencil, angle variations, pressure or maybe implementing tactile buttons. What do you think?

In this post we want to introduce you to Adina Neculae, one of our most successful exclusive designer in Freepik (she makes more than 100 illustrations per month). Adina is an expert in watercolor illustrations and she became an exclusive designer two years ago. Don’t miss the success story behind Adina’s designs and get inspired to start to earn money with your designs.

Freepik · 1 year ago

Max and Lucile make funny illustrations starring Mr. Georges in costumes, such as Totoro, a Titanic survivor, Harry Potter, a Roman emperor and a cute baby at the same time. Be sure to check their work out, it will make you smile and have a better Monday! :)

This film company won a Cannes Lion award back in 2013 and now decided to melt it to make tattoo ink. They will be giving tattoos out to Cannes delegates in front of the Carlton Hotel until Friday, how original is this? Everyone gets to take a prize home!

New Year resolutions are often the same again and again: sign up for the gym, go to the gym, curse less, and eat more veggies. Pete Marajich's was to make a movie poster a day during 2016. Want to see the results so far? You will want them on your wall!

Follow this tutorial and learn how to create a Double Exposure Effect combining two images with Adobe Photoshop. We’ll be working with selections, layer masks and blending modes discovering some tips and tricks that will be useful for your future artworks! You don’t need any special Photo skills, the workflow should be pretty easy to follow and understand by any beginner. Launch Adobe Photoshop and let’s get started!

Freepik · 1 year ago

Apart from being a scientist, Eleanor Lutz is a self-taught graphic designer who carries a side project called Tabletop Whale. Said project combines both her passion for science and her love of design, with beautiful infographics that explain bioluminescence, what viruses look like and much more.

These are made in a bakery called Konel Bread in Tokyo, Japan, and unless you're lucky enough to live near this store, you will have to settle with looking at the pretty pictures. Rilakkuma, Disney characters, fruits such as lemon or watermelon, zebra print and even Tsum-Tsum toys... They have everything!

This compilation features clips from influential and aesthetically beautiful movies released between 1895 to 2016, one movie for each year. The resulting video is stunning, and is accompanied with awesome music. Do you dare to watch it to the end?

60 seconds! Yes, it is within 60 seconds that you have to present before your audience a visual story and win over their hearts too. Sounds tricky? Well adhering to a few steps can make it simpler.

The guys at Chimp&Z Inc have made this parody called Game of Agencies depicting the Game of Thrones characters as if they were members of a creative agency, with famous clichés about CEOs, interns and starring Jon Snow as a HR representative. Check it out! :)