The best tutorials of this month together for you to enjoy them all at the reach of a click.

Tutpad · 1 year ago

Her beautiful, detailed sea shell crowns are the ultimate accessory to make one feel like a mermaid (or a merman!). Perfect for sea-themed parties and photoshoots!

He has painted his muses on abandoned shipping docks and buildings, and the most incredible effect is achieved with the rising and lowering of the tides.

The haircuts were performed using a Japanese technique of dog hair styling that makes the dogs super fluffy and cartoonishly adorable!

Lots of people are interested in knowing if penguins have knees, if pigs sweat, or if the world is flat. If you want to know more, well, you can always ask Google!

Shivani Gorle is an illustrator that describes her activity as "watching movies and draw their women in circles". Check out these drawings of film female leads :)

With this Pokéball Aimer you will catch all of these 900 power Rattatas. He promises to make it available for more phone models if enough people are interested!

In this video tutorial we will create an animated ‘Happy Summer’ greeting card. We will bring the sunny beach scene to life by applying Parallax effect using After Effects. The workflow will help us understand the transition of our Illustrator design to an Animated Gif animation in After Effects. It is a step by step guide which can be comfortably followed by any beginner as well. So, Let’s get started!

This and Thumbtastic, along with Ditalians, are projects in which this artist recreates the faces and appearance of famous characters, celebrities, cartoons and more!

This artist created the face of a panda and Pikachu by using sneakers. Michael Jordan, Darth Vader and the bull in Chicago Bulls are some of this other muses.

This 3D model shows what humans should actually look like to survive the forces present in most common car crash scenarios to raise awareness about road safety.