Nesquik’s cartoony Quicky is forever gone after a branding redesign

By Freepik Company 2 years ago

The worldwide known Nestlé brand of sugary cocoa powder has revamped very essence of its product. The brand has redesigned its logo and also the mascot, something that many people consider unnecessary, although we have to admit that the old Quicky deserved to have a happy retirement.





The iconic yellow and blue image has been made more suitable for the modern times. The yellow is now a bit softer on the eyes, with the intention of providing users with energy for the whole day, which has been a great rework by FutureBrand Milan but it’s kind of sad that Quicky is gone!




Quicky, Nesquik’s mascot, has been substituted with a more realistic version. His previously youthful and quirky 2D appearance is gone, while the new bunny seems more real. I guess it will just take us time to get used to him.




H/t Brandemia.