MS ‘Paint’ has surprisingly grown up into a 3D supporting software

By Freepik Company 3 years ago


Microsoft has launched a new version of our old friend, MS Paint, as a part of the Windows 10 Creators Update. Actually, it’s not really the same MS Paint program, but a new version that is called “Paint 3D”.




This won’t remind you of the Windows XP MS Paint days at all. Paint 3D is dedicated to the creation of 3D objects and elements, allowing you to turn your drawings into “puffy paint” versions and also creating basic 3D shapes.





Something that is really peculiar about this new software is that you can share 3D shapes and objects with other users, creating a library where everyone can upload or download resources to use with it.

It’s only available for beta testers for the time being, but you can learn more on this article by DigitalArtsOnline!

Header image originally by Mark Hachman for DigitalArtsOnline