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By Freepik 5 months ago

In today’s Tips&Tutorials we’ll talk about why you should cover logos on your photos, how use the props to enhance your photos and what dress code should be. So if you want to become a master of stock photography, keep reading.


If you taking a photo and want to use it for later in stocks (in other words, sell it) make sure the photo is free of any logos and brands not only because they draw visual attention or make it difficult to read the image cleanly, but because they are also registered and cannot be commercialized.


A good prop is essential to achieve a clear concept in each image. Thanks to the props, its receiver will be able to understand the meaning of the image we are representing just by looking at it. You need to compliment the theme of your photo with the props, it makes it work in harmony and create a well-thought picture.

For example, if you are going to work on Christmas photo shoot, you should investigate what type of prop you can use, for example, Christmas balls, tree, Santa Claus, gifts. In order for this to work as a whole, you must pay attention to the palette of colours, shapes and composition. It would not be a good idea to use a gift wrapped with brown, black, or yellow paper since none of those colours is associated with the Christmas theme. In this case, the idea is to follow a palette of colours in which the green, red, gold and white are found, taking into account their tonality so that everything fits perfectly.

In addition, the props must be in optimal conditions. Following the previous example, the Christmas gift should be wrapped with care, without wrinkles, and the ties that wrap it well defined, in short, the more we take care of the detail in the props, the better the photography will work.


The costumes must follow the same example to be used as the props. We must take into account the given theme, the scenario to be used and the style, as well as the colours that we will work within photography and its composition.

To get the hang of the costumes, you have to work on the theme. What do we want to project, what season of the year is it going to be set or what audience will it be directed to?

It is also convenient to highlight the importance of the use of colour in garments. These can be very helpful in terms of composition. A clear example of this would be the following image, where the colour palette (warm-cold) harmonizes the situation of photography itself: a birthday.

On the other hand, we can take into account the costumes to highlight the characters in the background or position them as protagonists in front of the rest of the models.


The colour contrast also helps to capture the image of our receivers. And visually helps to improve the image and create cleaner compositions.

The acting and the situation that arises in the report must also be communicated through the costumes. In such a way that if, for example, a session with the theme “sports” is raised, each of the characters that appear in the scene will, therefore, have to capture that sport and share a similar wardrobe. For example, running.

Finally, it is necessary to comment on other factors to be taken into account regarding possible errors in the use of clothing.

Hopefully, these tips were useful for you and you’ll get a chance to put them into practice soon. If you want to share your pictures with the world and make money with it, join Freepik’s Contributor Community and start earning money with your photos.

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