Learn History With Flaticon Icons

By Flaticon 2 weeks ago

New Flaticon freebie on the way. This time we bring you a selection of 50 culture or landmark icons. Historical places, buildings or items to include in any of your creative projects. From ancient Egypt to Viking time or Roman era. Choose between these great icons and enhance your travel blog layout.

We offer you a wide range of landmark icons: The Colosseum, Torii gates, Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, you name it. Change colors, sizes, adapt them to your need and be creative! You can make a scrapbook or a poster, use them for your vacation photos or put them in the blog to tell your followers about all the fun you had on the travels. You can always create nice and original gifts with them like tote bags or mugs. If you’re a teacher these icons will serve you to teach historical facts in a fun way.

The culture icon collection in this set comes in two versions: linear color and outline. The vector files come in both PNG and SVG formats and are infinitely scalable, also color customizable to fit your project. Enjoy them and like always just hit the green button to download for free!

By Flaticon