Join Freepik’s First Interactive Online Game and Help Piki Save Christmas

Follow @freepik and @christmas_pikiland and start a magical Christmas journey with Piki!

Christmas is a time of giving, we all know that. But what about helping the others? Having fun? Receiving presents after all? All of that and even more you’ll find in the magical town Pikiland where just before Christmas something has happened and now Piki needs your help. Make yourself comfortable and let us tell you a story…


“On the night before Christmas, in the world of Vectorland

Piki is preparing all the graphics that are in high demand.

Someone came in, with a frowning face and all white

Piki looked surprised and exclaimed: “Santa, are you alright!?”

Santa had a very difficult night,

He lost his bag and with it all the gifts,

His faithful Rudolf disappeared from his sight

And worse, nowhere to be found were his lists.

“Piki, what should I do?” he said with anger

“Everything is lost, but it can’t be the end”

“If I don’t find it all, Christmas is in danger”

Will you help me? I really need a friend.

“Oh, Santa, Don’t worry”, Piki promptly replied.

We’ll find the gifts, Rudolf and the lists.

“I’ll need some help to find them where they hide

I will ask my friends too, we all will assist.

To save Christmas, I know who to ask for such a quest

The people in the Freepik Universe are the best.”


Help Piki, participate in prize draws and win amazing gifts! What do you need to do:

  • Follow @freepik and @christmas_pikiland
  • Like this post
  • Go to @christmas_pikiland and look for hidden presents following the hints in each picture.
  • Leave comments tagging your friends and using the #Christmas_Pikiland to participate in the prize draw
  • We’ll choose the winners on the 3rd of January in Stories in our Instagram account @Freepik through Instagram Random Comment Picker 
  • Don’t forget to check our Facebook, Twitter and Blog for hints!  

These are the prizes you can win (each prize draw contains one of the possibilities)

– 3 months of free Premium Plan for you and your friend at Freepik

– 3 prize packages: 1 year of free Premium Plan for Freepik and Flaticon + USD$100 Gift voucher for Amazon

– 6 months of free Premium Plan for you and your friend at Freepik

– USD$100 Gift voucher at Amazon

– 1 year of free Premium Plan at Freepik

– 2 Freepik Company Merchandise Packs

– 3 months of free Premium plan at Flaticon

– 1 year of free Premium Plan at Flaticon

Good Luck!