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By Flaticon 5 months ago

As we’ve already mentioned in our previous posts, Christmas is a very busy time of all creatives (not only, but we start to prepare for it long before the snow starts to fall). Today we will talk about Christmas icons, which motives to use and how to make your designs stand out.

As you may know, icons are usually used to describe a feature or the experience and tend to be simple, without many details. But not the Christmas ones. When you prepare your Christmas content it is very important to be as precise as you can.


It is also essential to stick with the theme. When users are looking for “Christmas icons” they need to understand right away that they have found one. So even if you want to feature some controversial and atypical Christmas motives, make sure you also use the classical ones.

To keep your content being actual even after 24th of December add some typical winter motives: snowflakes (little tip: snowflakes are only popular in lineal style), house, trees, clothes (gloves, warm sweaters, scarfs, socks etc.)

The most popular icons for Christmas would be:

  • Christmas tree (of course!)
  • Christmas decorations: mistletoe, wreaths, candles and bells (to jingle all the way!), ornaments
  • Santa’s accessories: hat, sleights etc
  • Other Christmas necessities: gingerbread man, presents, snowmen (also works perfectly with all winter theme)


As for colours is it very important to stick to your icon collection theme when you’re choosing the palette. If it’s wintery pack cold and neutral tones, like blue, white etc. should be predominant. If you are creating a Christmas pack, your choice would be the colours like red, green, yellow. Your challenge here is that only with colours user will be able to understand the theme of the pack at the first glance. Here we’ve prepared a little colour palette for you Christmas packs:

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By Flaticon