Instagram – The Instant Marketing Tool 

It has been said, time and again, that a photograph can speak a thousand words. It has the power to touch the deepest corners of your heart and give life to the lifeless. This very idea runs behind all the clicks and whirs of Instagram. In fact, Instagram is the new platform for companies to create brand awareness and draw new followers and customers.


This versatile social media marketing platform is all the more popular for the creative tinge associated with it. Once you know who your target audience is and what you wish to project, Instagram has lots to offer.

Content is All that Matters

Every single piece of written content follows a particular tone and so should your photo content. It should generate a certain image that matches your company’s vision, mission, and values. Once you choose a certain image to project for yourself, Instagram gives you unlimited access to a wide audience through your feeds.

Instead of posting single photos, it would be a good idea to post a series of photos featuring your business to capture the imagination of the audience. A story line created with photos is even better to display your products and services. But nothing can be compared to sharing dramatic videos and carousel ads. Videos can be easily shared with an engaging story line centered on the customers, so that they touch the emotions and win them over.

Projecting only your services or products can be boring at times. Inspirational or funny accounts about your company or a sneak peek behind the scenes can be intriguing for the audience. This will not only draw more audience but also help you develop an interesting bond with them. Shout outs too are a good option to break the monotony.


Whatever you choose to post, do it consistently and Instagram will create a place for you in the minds of your audience.

Stand Out From the Crowd – Play with Your Imagination

Everyone is posting pictures. So who are the ones who have been able to shine out among the crowd? The answer is quite simple. The creative minds! Instagram is the right place for those who want to woo their audience with bursts of creativity. A professional and artistic picture that can reach out to the audience – one that can engage them – will never fail.

A short, effective quote or message along with the picture is the final icing on the cake. Different imagery with striking one-liners can definitely hit the sweet spot.

Instagram editing tools can come in handy in setting the mood of your pictures or changing colors to make them appealing. Use the best of filters to make your visual and video clips distinct and more engaging. Instagram allows you to show your customers all that you choose to offer in a striking and compelling way.

Welcome a Huge Audience

To be recognized easily, create the same account name as your company and use your logo generously wherever possible. A logo that is prominently and tastefully displayed will eventually help your audience recall your brand.


Instagram can be most effective when linked with other social media accounts of your company like facebook, twitter, foursquare, and flickr. Your facebook followers can be converted to your Instagram audience through tools like iconosquare, which can help you create an Instagram feed tab. The audience will get to see your Instagram pictures in your facebook gallery and follow you.

Though active links are not allowed on pictures, you can mention the links in your profile. So to buy a product displayed on Instagram you can directly take your audience to your e-commerce site. Similarly, a picture of your blogpost on Instagram can immediately draw your audience to your company’s blog, which in turn can promote your business.

Apart from this, hashtags used correctly can expose you to a wide network of a target audience. Iconosquare lets you find contests relevant to your business and use their hashtags to gain more popularity.

An Interested Audience Makes for Potential Customers

With customers being the king, you need to keep them engaged. Choose your most enthusiastic and ardent followers to be your brand ambassadors to popularize your product and services. There can be no other ambassador better than a real-life person talking about your company.

Hosting a takeover is another way to engage an audience and reach out to a newer audience. This involves allowing an active member or ambassador to take over your account feed for a day. It also brings freshness to your posts and newer perspectives.


You can also guest post on popular blogs where you can give a glimpse of some engaging photographs of your Instagram account. With the watermark of your account name inscribed on them, people can check your Instagram account instantly. Do leave the link to your Instagram account in your guest post bio.

When engaging an audience, you need to be aware of the time and post strategically. You cannot hope to see your audience respond while they are sleeping or are caught up in the midst of a busy day. Track the time when they are most active and set automated updates so that you don’t miss them.

Other ways to keep your audience glued are to ask them to tag, make some exclusive announcements; or ask questions and encourage discussions. Do make sure that the tags and topics are subtly cued in to the nature of your business.


Organizing contests and events is another great way to engage your audience. Reach out to other Instagrammers and get yourself engaged in various events to make your brand presence felt. People love seeing themselves on the screen. You can invite them to click pictures with your brand and post them. Also do not forget to reward your customers for sharing your posts. This is sure to get you some loyal audience.

Check the Pulse of Your Account

Ultimately to be ahead of your competitors and to remain on the right track you need to measure your success constantly through feedbacks and surveys. Instagram has a set of tools like BlitzMetrics and Curalate to check the effectiveness of your campaigns. Insta for business blog is a good option to remain tuned to what is happening in the Instagram world.

Go Forth and Conquer

Remember that it’s a perpetually connected world out there. With your potential customers and clients staying logged-in 24 x 7, either on their desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets, smartphones, and even smart wearables, nothing can match the power of Instagram to reach out and touch millions of netizens in a matter of minutes.