Illustrations That Will Boost Your Landing Pages

What do you feel about freebies? We love them and even more when they are as useful and colorful as this one! Freepik has crafted these beautiful illustrations to add to landing pages. No matter the service you offer and what will you add to it! From the recruiting process to a summary of your team or even the history behind your company.

The illustrations stand out by itself thanks to the colors and the disproportion of the bodies. Huge legs and arms make them very special. On the other hand, they feature tiny heads with all kinds of expressions. Whether you need this to be a landing page for your company, blog, or any other project you have, you can benefit from all of these designs. If not, you can always use these illustrations as part of your branding stationery, information brochures, or presentations. Make the most of them and share your project with us.

Leave a comment if you can think of other uses to give to this freebie! Remember that they are 100% editable and available to download in AI, EPS, or JPG. Click on the button to download these ten designs for free and start editing!