Illustration: Create your own RPG heroine

By Freepik Academy 1 year ago

Are you interested in the RPG world and would like to have a go at creating your own fantasy characters?  By learning how to create your very own team of heroines you will build upon your drawing and illustration skills. Before starting the course you need Adobe Photoshop, a drawing pad or graphics tablet and if you’re planning to do your drawings on paper then a scanner as well.

Throughout the course, you will create your very own team of heroines because as we know it the 21st century and the woman also saves the day. You will be expertly supported and guided through every stage. You will learn important and vital details of constructing a heroine character such as the poses, postures and a comprehensive overview of the basic feminine anatomy. Furthermore, you will learn how to create your heroine character’s shining armor. 

Not only will your finished work be invaluable for your portfolio but you will also gain an insight into the RPG concept. You will see a progression in your illustration skills and your grasp of sketching and colour. So be on the winning team with this course, we’re excited to see what you and your fantasy characters will conquer.

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