Ideas for Creating Halloween and Día de Muertos resources

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We’ve compiled some of our top recommendations so you can create the best resources for Halloween and the Mexican celebration Día de Muertos. It’s the perfect chance to add spooky vibes to your Freepik contributor portfolio. 

Although colors and elements such as pumpkins or skulls are common in resources featuring these celebrations, trends change every year, as well as users’ demands. Keep reading to find fear-inspiring ideas.

We also suggest some color palettes that might inspire you for your next creations about Halloween and Día de Muertos. 🎃💀

1. Vectors

Here are some content suggestions for Halloween and Día de Muertos vectors. 


Pumpkins, graves, or mummies are the stars of these designs. Dark colors with orange or yellow normally combine the best when it comes to Halloween resources. Taking this into account, you can go for a friendly and cute style, with adorable characters, or opt for scary backgrounds of cemeteries or enchanted castles. 

halloween background with moon and bats

As for Día de Muertos, play around with colors over a dark background. 

dia de muertos background

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a must right now. Use scary elements and a colored background and prepare your resources to be shared.

instagram stories halloween design

instagram stories halloween concept vector file


Halloween is really fun for those costumes lovers. Create funny characters dressed up for the year’s scariest night. Create collections of characters wearing different costumes. Play around with colors and style to add your personal touch. 

Have a look at this collection for further inspiration: Costume collection

vector design collection of halloween costumes

watercolor vector design halloween costumes


2. Photos

Photos are great to show a more realistic side of these festivities. Here are our content suggestions:


Photos of Halloween makeup offer you plenty of scope for being creative! Whether you’re a makeup artist or have the chance to photograph someone else’s work, go for it! Pale faces, bleeding teeth, and dark eyes are the best option for your Halloween makeup.

halloween makeup photo of devil

Image by user22281631halloween makeup photo dia de muertos

Image by pavelreband

Have a look at this collection for further inspiration: Halloween makeup 

Día de Muertos

We couldn’t imagine Día de Muertos without those colorful skulls and flower crowns. Capture colorful compositions of skulls, flowers, or people dressed up for the day. 

pumpkin dressed as catrina with flowers and makeupImage by atlascompany

photo woman dressed for Día de Muertos

Image by wayhomestudio

Check out this collection for further inspiration: Día de Muertos collection


Cookies always taste better if they are pumpkin or bat-shaped, so pre-heat the oven and take the best cookie pictures!

Image by rawpixel


3. PSD files


Banners are highly demanded by users. They are the perfect resource to announce a Halloween party or special offer. Remember that orange, purple and black are the perfect combo, but you can also give it a try to other colors, such as green. Let’s see what you can do!

halloween banner psd file


halloween banner template special sale psd file



You can creep it real with your mockups for Halloween. Create compositions with scary pumpkins or skulls and add light effects to give them a truly spooky touch.

When it comes to mockups, there are many possibilities to work with: poster mockup, frame mockup, card mockup, and so on. 

poster mockup with scary pumpkins


Spooktacular Color Palettes

We’ve compiled some color palettes you might use as inspiration for your Halloween and Día de Muertos resources. Hope they are useful!


Día de Muertos


Do you feel inspired? It’s the perfect time to start uploading your resources based on our content suggestions.

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