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By Flaticon 1 year ago

Sometimes icon designers face a few complications on their way in terms of finding their own style. Today in the newest “Tips&Tutorials” we will talk about personal style the way we have to differentiate ourselves from the rest.

On the way to develop your own style you cannot take any shortcuts, it’s a long process that requires time and energy. You need to know the work of other designers (that is what we call the visual culture) and, most importantly, you need to know yourself.

In order to have a unique style, experimentation is necessary, yet it is crucial that we attend to the needs of the user and we try thems and styles that work the most until we find the one with which we feel comfortable.


Certainly, there are those who claim that design must be versatile, and they are partly right. However, in the case of creating a profile of icons it is very important that we always work in the same line and here’s why:

1) It is very useful for the user to be able to download packs of different themes in the same style. Hence, you can have an extensive library with icons in the same style. This way, it will be easier to work and look for the concept you need.


2) You will build a reputation if you provide very well done and thus, users will look for your style intentionally. To achieve that, it is also important that you post content constantly and always have something new to show to the user. 

3) Focusing on a specific style makes it easier to speed up the work pace and allows you to go perfecting it little by little.

Here we can give you a few key points to create your own style:

First of all, choose the style of your icons. It can be flat, linear, solid, etc. 


Colours are very powerful so choosing the right colour palette is very important. You have to keep in mind where your icons will be used and who they are aimed for. For example, if it a business icon set you might consider using monochrome or more “calm” colours while for party sets you can just go all in and use any colour you want like we did here: 

Details: you can make basic icons (with a higher level of synthesis) or icons with many more details with omissions, shadows or brightness.

Terminations: The finishes are very important in creating your own style. There are icons with straight, rounded and even mixed endings.


example of round terminations


example of straight terminations


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