How to Create a Post-Lockdown Prevention Tips Presentation

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The quarantine soon will be over. The strict social distancing will turn into a milder rule, and we will learn more about what to expect next. Under these circumstances, it is still necessary to prevent the spread of the disease.

We already know how to wash our hands or how important masks are. In this post, we will show you how to create a presentation with coronavirus prevention tips to keep you safe and sound. A presentation like this one will be very helpful for human resources departments, for example, as soon we will go back to our physical workspaces.

Let’s have a look at the different key points or sections of an effective protection tips presentation.

Contagion and Prevention

Does your team know which are the ways in which they can contract the virus? Do they know how to prevent it? In this respect, the section on contagion is the first one you need to include. If your workers understand which behaviours can lead them to get the virus, they will know what they need to avoid doing. It is important to take into consideration that recommendations vary, as researchers discover new pieces of information about the virus every day. Presentations are perfect for changing details on the go and sharing them with your colleagues. Google Slides makes it easier to add, edit or delete content with your team, as it is an online and collaborative tool. It helps keeping the slides up-to-date, as you can see the changes in real time.

For this section, remember to add the basics. Specify that COVID-19 is a virus, as part of the population believe it is a bacteria. Also tell general details about how to get viruses and specific contagion details about this coronavirus.

World After Coronavirus - Presentation

Once your team knows about how to contract the disease, the next step is talking about prevention. Devote some slides to explain actions to avoid the spread of infectious diseases. Here you need to include basic hygienic principles, like washing your hands as many times as possible.

Likewise, let them know about the symptoms of this virus. Explain what they should do if they or any member of their families shows these signs. Do they need to phone the human resources manager? Do they need to go to the hospital or call a physician? Is there any “coronavirus line” in your country? Facilitate telephone numbers and step-by-step instructions.They need to know what to do and that the company cares about them..

In the same fashion, many of the members of the team will use public transportation to reach the office. Teach them how to proceed, and which sort of personal protective equipment they should use (e.g. gloves, masks…)

Here you can see an assortment of prevention tips. You can build your own slides adding your own suggestions.World After Coronavirus - Presentation

Data and graphics

Finish your presentation displaying some information, rates, tables and graphs about the spread of the disease. Apart from being informative, these slides will help your team learn about the dangers of the disease. For instance, you could include tables like this one:

World After Coronavirus - Presentation

Graphs are designed to make people understand complex chunks of information. They’ll raise awareness about the current situation and your team will be prompted to follow prevention rules. You can add several details, just like the most infected areas or the total number of recovered people.World After Coronavirus - Presentation

For the sake of prevention, you can show this sort of presentation with your team in your next video call. It is necessary to look for tools that allow you to share your screen, as for example Skype, Google Meet (or Hangouts) and Jitsi Meet, all of them free!

Your presentation of prevention tips after coronavirus is ready. Share it with the rest of your team, and keep them up-to-date. Remember to consult official sources!

If you liked the template that we have used for this presentation, download and edit our COVID-19 Spread and Contagion theme and send it to the members of your company! Looking for other templates related to the virus? We have plenty of coronavirus themes as well.

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