How to Add the Right Keywords to Your PSD Files

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As Freepik Contributor you must be more than aware of the importance of choosing the right keywords when submitting your resources. But in case you’ve just started working with us or want a reminder, here it is: keywords make your work be found easier.

Today, we’ll highlight the main errors when adding keywords to your PSD files and how can you improve your incomes by having in mind these best practices

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1. Add relevant keywords

Think like the user. If you had to search for a PSD. What would you enter in the search bar? Adding irrelevant keywords can give wrong searches to a term. Being too descriptive in terms of adding keywords can sometimes be counterproductive.


YES: retro, text effect, typography, font, type, font style, serif, script effect, template,

NO: digital, shades, editable, custom, letter, composition, photoshop, replacement,
psd, smart object, smart, marketing,

2. Avoid non-related keywords 

Non-related keywords offer users the wrong results. Making it difficult for your resources to rank on the first pages when searching for the right term.

soda psd

YES: lemonade, drink can, beverage, soda, refreshment, mockup, drink mockup,
drink advertising, realistic, product

NO: template, portfolio, food, energy, summer, flyer, banner

3. Use compound words as one tag only

Compound words like “social media post” and “copy space” for instance, have to be included as one tag. Do not write “social”, “media”, “post”. By doing this, your resources will be more unlikely to be found.  


YES: social media post, template, banner, zero waste, eco, conservation, Instagram
post, reuse, recycling, pack, collection

NO: plant, photo, photography, life, pollution, trash, woman, vegetables, logo,
online, internet, digital, social, media, post, Instagram

4. Include keywords in the title

Make sure your title briefly describes the resource in approximately 35 character sentence. It’s also important to include the main keyword that describes the resource within the title. 

face mask mockup

YES: Handmade face mask mockup with abstract shapes

NO: Handmade accessory with abstract shapes

5. Add between 20-25 keywords

Although you can add from 5 to 50 tags, we recommend adding between 20-25 tags. The more tags you include, the more chances your content gets to be rejected due to irrelevance or unrelated tags. So stick to this number and think carefully about the keywords you’ll use.

YES: logo, logotype, brand, mockup, sign mockup, business, corporate, corporative, identity, logo sign, signage, facade, front store, outside, rounded sign

NO: template, door, wall, background, pattern, cover, poster, landing page, magazine, changeable, psd, decorative, decoration, decor, smart object, smart, object, graphic, graphic design, art, glass, metal, letter b, your brand, logo template, reflection, shiny, day, photo, photography, ornament, color, editable, logo, logotype, brand, branding, mockup, sign mockup, business, corporate, corporative, identity, logo sign, signage, facade, front store, outside, rounded sign, yellow

6. Use only one type of format keyword

It’s important to add the keyword of the kind of resource you are uploading. Let’s say you are uploading a poster mockup, “poster” will be one of your keywords. Do not add other types of resources like: “banner”, “background”, “flyer”, “cover”, etc.


YES: banner, template, sale banner, online shopping, offer, discount

NO: background, pattern, cover, poster, landing page, magazine

7. Do not include tags related to the image if it’s not included

Many PSD files include images in the preview that aren’t included in the downloadable file. If that’s the case of your resource, don’t add keywords related to the image (unless it’s included in the file).  


YES: yoga, lifestyle, workout, fitness, training, fit, balance, landing page, template

NO: woman, female, person

8. Learn the difference: Scene creator – template – mockup

A mockup, “scale” or “prototype” is a resource that allows a design to be shown in a scene. It gives you the chance to see how the design is going to look in a real environment.

A template, on the other hand, offers the possibility of modifying a design by providing different editing areas in order to adapt the content to your needs in a fast and efficient way. Therefore, we can change the color palette, fonts, and images, replacing the default ones with the ones you want to use.


                    Mockup / Template

A “Scene creator” is a PSD resource that allows the creation of scenes thanks to isolated objects in high resolution, offering the possibility of creating a composition with various elements. Each element is placed on a different layer so it’s easier to change any element, their properties, or disable others to create our own scene.

However, depending on the integration of the elements in a real environment, we can have a scene creator and mockup at the same time. In this case, we’ll be talking about a resource that is “scene creator” and “mockup” at the same time.


       Scene creator & mockup / Scene creator

9. Know the difference text effect/lettering

“Lettering” refers to ‘the art of drawing letters’ as it is closer to the act of drawing than to writing, however, in English can be somehow confusing since it is similar to “calligraphy”, “writing” or “typeface”. We cannot confuse it with text effect as this only applies to the appearance of a text (neon light effect, cutout, relief, vintage…) Therefore, try to learn the difference between these concepts in order to avoid rejections


Lettering / Text effect            

Tip: If your PSD file includes text, avoid using the tags : abc and alphabet when tagging the resource.

We hope you find these tips useful and interesting and avoid rejections for metadata.  Make the most of the current campaign and upload your PSD resources to get an extra bonus.


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