How to create a photo collage with Freepik Designer

If you’ve been following us and messing around with the Background remover tool, you’ll have noticed that its creative possibilities are endless. If you’re planning to make a new collage, then you’ll only need Freepik Designer and a bunch of background-free photos.

Buckle up—I’ll guide you through the steps to achieve stunning collages, one of the hottest visual trends for 2024 while having fun experimenting with our latest editing tools and features.

What is a collage?

A collage is a design made by putting together different materials and elements, such as photographs, design elements, fonts, etc. Although it originated as a pure handcraft technique, technology has also snuck its way into collages, giving form to striking designs created entirely with digital software.

Photo collage

Due to its casual, improvisation-friendly nature, there is no such thing as a recipe for the perfect collage, although it requires some sense of balance and visual criteria. However, if there’s one thing you’ll need for sure, that’s a bunch of well-cropped, background-free pictures.

Types of Collages

Collages come in various forms, each offering unique ways to express creativity and tell a visual story. One popular type is the photo collage, where multiple photographs are combined to create a cohesive image. Another interesting type is the mixed media collage, which combines materials like paper, fabric, and digital elements to add depth and texture.

Text collages use words, phrases, and typographic elements to create designs that are both visually appealing and meaningful, perfect for posters or social media graphics. For a more abstract approach, geometric collages focus on shapes, lines, and patterns to create striking compositions.

Lastly, thematic collages revolve around a specific theme or concept, whether it’s a holiday, event, or personal interest, allowing you to curate images and elements that tell a cohesive story. Exploring these different types of collages with Freepik Designer’s versatile tools can inspire you to experiment with various styles and techniques, enhancing your creative projects.

How to make a photo collage using Background remover and Freepik Designer

Now that you know everything you need about collages, it’s time to start creating your own with Freepik Designer and Background remover. Ready?

Step 1 – Remove the background from your photos

Let’s get started! Firstly, we need to remove the background from our images. And we’re doing that with the Background remover. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Uploading your image: Go to the Freepik Background remover tool and upload your image. If you don’t have one, you can also browse our library, pick your favs and select the remove background option from the detail page view.
  2. Remove the background: Erase the background with just one click.
  3. Download the edited image: Once you’re happy with your final result, download your image with the background removed.

Remove background tool

Edit online

Step 2: Create your collage in Freepik Designer

With your background-free images ready, it’s time to create a collage using Freepik Designer. Let your imagination run wild: there are no right and no wrongs when making a collage. Just have fun and experiment with your different images and other design elements you can find in the editor. Here’s how it went for us

Freepik Designer Tool

Photo collages in Freepik Designer tool

Creative tips to create photo collages

Remember when we said there is no “recipe” for a perfect collage? Well, we might have overstated that a bit 😅. There are some rules or tips you can definitely follow to ensure your collage becomes a stunning masterpiece, but we didn’t take the joy out of the process right away! Are you happy with your results? Then that’s all that matters. However, these simple guidelines will come in handy:

  1. Create tension using elements that are not directly related. In the example below, we sent our astronaut flower-picking. And it looks great!
  2. Keep a consistent color palette. Of course, you can mix different colors, but following a pre-established color palette will make your design look nicer. You can edit the colors of any of the images you add to the design right there with the editor tools, so go for any color palette you like.
  3. Play with layers and masks. You can create depth in your design by testing which elements go to the front and which to the back. Our tip is not to bring your subject up front—it’s the elements you surround it with that make collages so interesting. And if any element doesn’t quite fit in its current shape, don’t forget you can add masks to make them your own, as we’ve done with the night sky in our example.
  4. Don’t forget that less is more. Collages are all about assembling different pieces, yes. But that doesn’t mean the more elements you add, the better your design will look. There must be some balance, so keep an eye out for unnecessary additions.

Creative tips to create photo collages

How to create a good photo collage

Start creating stunning collages with our tools

We’ve covered how to create beautiful collages using Background remover and Freepik Designer, but this is only the beginning! You can also add different elements created with our AI Image generator, or explore different variations of your design with Reimagine. Let’s see where your creativity can take you.

And don’t forget you can share your creations for feedback—or simply because you deserve to!—in our Facebook and Reddit communities. We’re waiting for you there.

Happy creating!