Hobbies and More Are Waiting for You in This Freebie by Flaticon

By Flaticon 3 weeks ago

Today’s freebie will make you stand up and go for a walk, play sports or any other thing you might do when you have free time! Flaticon has selected the finest icons to include in this pack. You’ll see sports, activities, foods, or objects throughout this freebie. Have a look at it and include them in apps or any other creative project you have in mind. Place these icons on websites, blogs, or brochures, for instance.

The pack comes with all the concepts you can think of. From nature-related hobbies to technology ones like headphones or consoles. You can include these icons in many different projects. Don’t know where? You can always customize a T-shirt, hoodie or mug, and create an original present for a friend.  Print on clothes and add a nice quote, and you’re done! Think, edit, and wrap it! But please have in mind that it’s forbidden to sell the products.

The hobbies and free time icon collection in this set come in three versions: linear color, flat, and outline. The vector files come in both PNG and SVG formats and are infinitely scalable, also color customizable to fit your project. Enjoy them and like always just hit the green button to download for free!

By Flaticon



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