Laugh Out Loud: Hilarious Graphic Designer Jokes for Designer’s Day!

Brief, Design, Tweak, Release!

Designer’s Day is a moment for all of us to reflect on what it truly means to be a designer with jokes. As rewarding as designing can be, with the sweet satisfaction of a job well done, we can all appreciate the ups and downs that come with such an exciting job, including the stress of creative block, deadline pressure, and frustrating client feedback! Piles of revisions clogging up a mountain of external hard drives all running through one USB-C adapter are just the icing on the cake. So, let’s take a step back and stare the beast in the eye together and laugh at how absurd this job can sometimes be. With whimsical one-liners, memes, and what we really think of our clients, there is a lot to appreciate on a day dedicated to us creative folk.

Designer vs Client

Graphic design jokes - Designer vs Client

Oh, the never-ending battle between graphic designers and client feedback proposals. It’s like an ongoing game of tug-of-war, but the designers are always the ones left with rope burn. In retrospect, client feedback can be helpful, but let’s be honest here, some proposals are just plain silly. “Can you make the logo bigger?” “Can you just throw in some clip art?” No, Karen, we cannot just throw in some clip art. Design is about function and purpose, not just making something pretty to look at. It’s a delicate dance between creativity and practicality, and designers have to navigate both while trying to keep their sanity intact. So let us blow off some steam and have a little chuckle at some of the wildest feedback proposals to have ever landed in your inbox:

  • The image looks good, can we make the water more watery?
  • Can you replace the Lorem Ipsum with sample text?
  • Can we have the JPEG image with editable text please…
  • I like the snow, but can it be a little warmer?
  • Is it possible to turn the elephant around so it’s looking at me?
  • I’ve sent you the logo in word format, is that ok?
  • Oh, you want payment?

    Graphic design jokes - Visual Jokes - Designer vs Client

Well, Mr and Misses Client, don’t look at me in that tone of voice. It smells a funny color!

Graphic design jokes - Visual Jokes 2 - Designer vs Client

One-liner designer therapy

Graphic design joke. One-liner designer therapy

Dealing with clients can be a traumatic experience for all of us, but one way to really celebrate life as a designer is to sit back and find the humor in it. Designers can discover themselves in all kinds of situations, dealing with people from all walks of life, creating a breeding ground for off-the-wall situations that you just don’t have any control over. Here are some side-splitting jokes for graphic designers that will have you laughing out loud:

  1. How many graphic designers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just one, but they’ll spend hours debating the perfect shade of white for the lightbulb…
  1. Why do graphic designers wear black? Because it goes with everything in the Pantone color palette.
  1. Comic Sans walks into a bar and asks for a frozen Margarita. The bartender turns around and says. “We don’t serve your type here!”
  1. Why did the designer refuse to work on the new streaming video platform? It was too niche.
  1. Why did the graphic designer switch careers to become a chef? After months of creating 3D mockups using Mockup Baker, it was time to take up baking for real!
  1. What do you tell a designer who is struggling to come up with an idea? If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again… and claim it’s “minimalist.”
  1. So I used to date this graphic designer… We broke up because I caught her cheating. Writing hundreds of letters to some guy named Lorem Ipsum. What a creep, right?
  1. How do you practice safe design? Use a concept
  1. Why did the designer switch to a different CMS platform? Because their current one was just a WordPress off.
  1. Why don’t graphic designers tell jokes? They prefer to show them in a visually compelling manner.

It’s great to let off some steam sometimes. On the rare occasion that a designer is not inundated with revision tasks, taking five minutes to reflect on how strange your job is can really change the way your day is going in a humorously positive way!

How to spot a designer in a crowd of people

How to spot a designer in a crowd of people

Have you ever found yourself in a crowd of people, wondering who the graphic designer is? Fear not friends, for we have some tell-tale signs that will help you spot them. First off, take a look at their style. Graphic designers tend to have a unique flair in their clothing choices, often donning bold patterns, eye-catching colors, and funky accessories. Next, observe how they sit. If you see someone perched on an exercise ball, a trendy chair, or even cross-legged on the floor while typing away on their laptop, there’s a good chance you’ve found your designer. And finally, check out what they’re drinking. While others may opt for coffee or tea, designers tend to have a more eclectic taste in beverages, such as artisanal matcha lattes, chai tea with oat milk, or even a turmeric-infused latte. Now that you know what to look for. Go forth and spot those designers with ease!

What makes designers tick?

What makes designers tick?

Designers may share a variety of traits, be it drinking copious amounts of coffee or wearing a pair of Dr. Martens. Yet, there is something deeper that sets us all apart from one another, the creative process. Imagine talking to your gran and finding out she used to be a race car driver. Under the hood of all designers, there is always something truly unique that makes us tick in a weird and absolutely wonderful way. Maybe you don’t know what it is yet, but it’s definitely there, and it helps you create the most original designs that stand out and get audiences engaged in your work.

Graphic design jokes - the creative process


Getting in the right head space is key to getting the creative juices flowing. From the moment you leave the bed, preparation is well underway, possibly without even realizing it. Are you the slow waker-upper, enjoying wasting as much time as possible, or are you the kind who is already staring down at the bottom of an empty coffee mug? Music is a big one too. For many of us, it gets us thinking at a frequency of pure creativity. Again the genre could be anyone’s guess, fitting the carefree designer mindset. With such good vibrations going on, it’s time to settle down at your tidy, minimalistic workstation as a reinvigorated designer, fresh and ready to start another day of creativity.


It’s crazy to think that such creative people in today’s modern world rely so much on storage space. Hard drives, servers, and cloud space are detrimental to everything we do. We are what some might call hoarders, but it’s not our fault! Unfortunately, a lot of design work takes up terabytes of space, but it’s worth it when Joe Bloggs, the owner of Clean Up Your Act Industries, comes along wanting a rebrand of his super well-known multinational business empire. So being highly organized is a biggy for all designers out there, and what follows that mindset is the awareness of keeping file sizes down and keeping desktops as clean and well organized as possible. Want to know more about creating streamlined designs? Check out this article on how to clean up your designs.

Inspiration and research

It’s not one size fits all when it comes to idea generation. Far from it! It fascinates all of us that such great ideas often come from the most bizarre sources, and a lot of the time, it finds you. But one way to help make these freak occurrences happen more often is to get yourself out there into the big wide world, visiting new and exciting places with a different color palette, culture, or perspective. On the other hand, huge amounts of inspiration and research are found just a few scrolls away. As designers, we are so lucky to have an almost infinite amount of influential content ready in the palm of our hands. You can follow your favorite artists, read mind-blowing books, and watch billions of hours of relatable subjects that will support your creative projects. All this, again, supports the idea of how different we all are, the affiliations we have with different environments, and the choices we make.

Make a meme for Designer’s Day!

Graphic design jokes - the meme jpg-pdf

The concept of taking a photo and adding witty text shows sophistication and high intelligence. Only joking! Well, it is certainly a way to test your social intelligence and ability to touch other internet dwellers with your uncandid ability to make others laugh uncontrollably. It is also a form of communication lining up perfectly with a designer’s natural abilities. You have your photo, and you have your message. Now all that’s needed is a touch of humor! And since graphic designers can only understand well-written briefs, here we have a brief for you!

We need a Meme!

Funny as possible. Needs to be design-related, perhaps even Designer’s Day related.

The design needs to be created using Wepik’s meme templates.

Deadline: As soon as possible!

Distribution: Do whatever you like with them!

We hope these hilarious graphic designer jokes have brightened your day and given you some comic relief. There are many moments in the design journey that can be frustrating, and laughter is an excellent way to relieve some of that stress. Share these jokes with your team, post them on social media, or use them as conversation starters in your next meeting. After all, laughter is infectious, and a happy workplace is a productive one. So go ahead and tell your colleagues these jokes, and remember to laugh out loud!

And always remember folks, the customer is always right…