Halloween: 9 Titles That Will Give you Goosebumps

Ghosts made from sheets, Jack-o’-lanterns, skeletons with funny laughs, and plastic spiders. Many feel that Halloween has turned into a special night for kids, a date that could have lost its horror spirit. However, there are different things that can bring back its magic, or better said its spell. Our selection with the best graphic novels, movies, and video games to have the scariest Halloween. 

Graphic Novels

There are people who think that a graphic novel is just a long comic, but in reality, is much more than that. You can dive into their stories and discover unique and, as you’ll find in this selection, terrifying worlds. Get ready to read with the lights on.


Japanese horror tends to be very different from any other kind of horror. Usually, because their stories focus on psychological horror; in addition to this, stands the incredible art of the mangaka Junji Ito and you’ll get “Uzumaki”.

This graphic novel, whose ink artwork is amazing, exposes our innate fear of the unknown. Although it may sound weird, the key elements of the stories are spirals. The villagers from a little Japanese village become victims of horrifying spirals that turn everything and everyone into monstrous beings.

This is believed to be the most important work from Junji Ito due to how dark and weird the story is, and because of the level of detail in each drawing. Every frame is dark and terrifying, and he achieved this by masterly playing with just black and white.


Through the woods

You can appreciate Emily Carroll’s exceptional style in each one of her works, and “Through the Woods” is no exception.

This graphic novel focuses on the woods in which five stories unfold. These are inspired by famous stories with hints of goth horror. 

The woods turn into a relevant element because, just like in Junji Ito’s work, it represents the unknown. Crossing the woods means leaving the rational world behind, and entering into a dark and terrifying one.

Regarding the art of this piece, something that’s really interesting is the flat coloring in each frame. Emily Carroll tried to make readers feel uncomfortable, unease, to experience the sensation of madness. And trust us, she succeeds. 

An aspect that makes the artwork of this novel even more interesting is the use of bright red and white colors on fully black pages to highlight relevant details of the story that’s being told. Typographies play an important role because the one Emily chooses really helps to create the uncomfortable atmosphere she wants the reader to dive into.



Unfortunately, racism and cyberbullying are issues that could make the world we live in, a very uncomfortable place and even a terrifying one. This is the premise behind Pornsak Pichetshote’s (script), Aaron Campbell’s (drawings), and José Villarubia’s (coloring) graphic novel “Infidel”. This piece grabs your attention from the very beginning and guides you through a horror story with a terrible ending.

The plot is supported by amazing-looking artwork. The color choices vary from desaturated ones to bright colorful textures that impact you in every frame. An interesting aspect of the artwork in this novel is how certain moments are colored in specific ways. The intention behind these choices is to create a dense and lugubrious atmosphere.


Video games

Maybe one of the video games that have shocked more people ever is Resident Evil also known as Biohazard. Along with Silent Hill, they’ve set a path and proved that video games can be the reason behind many nightmares.

Many lessons could be learned from these two masterpieces, like their innovative artwork and technical aspects

Both games used desaturated colors and interesting textures; however, the most important aspect we would like to highlight is their fixed camera choices. We know the main reason behind this decision was the technical limitations at the time of the hardware of the video game consoles. But because of it, players couldn’t see pretty much anything, which made them feel tension with each step they took.
Both titles left an incredible legacy of games. Some of them will make you feel cold sweat running down your back.

Alien Isolation

Inspired by one of the most renowned horror movies of all time, this title will make you face your fears and confront the Xenomorph. 

The game replicates even the smallest detail of the futuristic and lugubrious spaceship from the late 70’s blockbuster. From the brightest rooms to the darkest spaces, everything takes you to The U.S.S. Sulaco, transporting the gamer into the terrifying environment Ridley Scott developed for the film.

Textures play a key role in generating a gloomy atmosphere where you’ll feel really isolated.

In terms of colors, the palettes used by the game’s developers it’s almost the same as the original movie. Going from blacks to browns and dark green.


Before you start even thinking that this ain’t a horror game per se, let us just agree that it’s an amazing title.

Although it doesn’t aim to “scare” you, this game infects you with a feeling of deep desolation. It has such unique visuals and gameplay that it will grab you and immerse you into a dark obscure world.

With a color palette as dark as the plot behind the title, the black and gray tones will escort you as you play this dense platformer.

The artwork of “Inside” is so refined that it surely will become a benchmark for any designer.

In terms of the story, it’s really hard to explain it, mainly because you’ll get to understand it as you play along. The main character is a little kid that’s thrown into a dystopic world. From the first step you take, you’ll need to escape from adults who’ll try to hunt you.


Maybe you haven’t heard about this game, but trust us, it’s a gem. It blends horror with adventure in a harmonious way.

The main protagonist is a teenager who gets lost with her friends on a weird island. After a bunch of supernatural events occurs, you’ll need to unveil the secrets behind this unknown place.

In relation to the art style, all we can say is that it’s simply beautiful. With backgrounds that look like oil paintings, it creates an amazing ambiance; also the whole game presents an amazing quality of vectorial illustration highlighted by  smoke and grain effects. Illuminations also play a key role, it’s vital. It helps create a suffocating yet beautiful world.

Just like in “Through the Woods” the typography selection is spotless. It combines gracefully with the overall aesthetic of the game, which in some segments resembles a graphic novel.


The seventh art is tightly related to the world of terror. Certain movies have been fueling our worst nightmares for years, that’s why we couldn’t finish our article without a special section dedicated to them. 


This picture could easily fit into the gore category instead of horror per se, but it worths the mention on our list because, unlike other traditional titles, it happens mostly during the day.

An american couple travels to a small village in Sweden where a summer festival will be held. Weird and disturbing events will happen as they follow the local festivity traditions.

Desaturated color palettes are the protagonists during the whole movie, and when they get combined with bright light, it gives “Midsommar” a weird feeling. Another characteristic that makes this picture very attractive is the attention to detail in each frame.

Even though most of the landscapes are simple with few elements, the shots and sequences are just spectacular. 

The soundtrack, alongside Swedish nature, also takes the ambiance to a whole new level in terms of awkwardness and tension. 

Color Me Blood Red

There are those who think that nothing compares to classics, and sometimes they are right. This 1965 movie created by Herschell Gordon Lewis (who is considered to be the father of gore films), is a real art piece. Just imagine the colors you’ll find in a movie whose whole plot revolves around a painter who can’t find the right shade of red until his girlfriend cuts her hand.

An essential aspect that makes this film even more interesting today is that, as time passed by, it granted it a super attractive vintage aesthetic. Not only in terms of the color treatment and the color palette of each scene but also in small details such as the fonts of the titles.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Vampires are some of Halloween’s most famous monsters, and in this picture, you’ll find lots of them in a really interesting story. 

What makes this movie a piece of art? It’s black and white. Even though it’s from 2014, this colorless film resembles the work of Alfred Hitchcock. 

It doesn’t matter when you hit the pause button, the composition and balance of each frame are flawless. 

A good atmosphere and ambiance are essential for any horror project, in order to create them you will need to find inspiration and the right visuals and resources for your project. Do you know where you can find them? Exactly, Freepik. So start creating whatever’s on your mind with all the awesome and spooky graphic resources that are waiting for you.


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By Chalo Lara