Great Power of Illustrations: How Images Influence Web Page Visitors

As the name of the post says, today we are going to talk about the power of illustrations. Without a doubt, the quality of your content is important. Actually, people identify your website among all its analogues thanks to the information you provide. To say more, a customer-friendly navigation and an impressing speed are the factors that matter as well. Still, these days a lot of website owners focus on the quality of their online projects. They do their best to get an SEO-optimized site and better search results. With it, people forget about the most beautiful part of the question. The fact is that SEO optimization is not the only thing, which influences web page visitors. To make a long story short, your website’s pictures are not just decorations. Choosing them thoroughly, you can really make a prospect buy your goods or try the services you provide. Let’s see how it works!

At the outset, let’s see these numerals. During the recent investigations, almost 70% of online shoppers said that they care about items images. As a result, the quality of product picture influences the desire of your prospect to buy it. What is more, it also influences the time a shopper spends in your online shop. Therefore, choosing the right images for your web pages, you have more previews and better traffic flow.

Finally, let’s move to the statistics from HubSpot. As you can see, nearly a half of online audience says that the images make a vital factor in their decision making.


How Illustrations Can Improve Your Visitor Experience

Basically, a person sees your website image on Google, Yahoo or other search systems. Needless to say, a professionally taken photograph will surely catch the attention of a user. Moreover, the experts say that the pictures are more noticeable than texts. Undeniably, people will want to view out your descriptions. Still, they will do it only in case they ate interested in the image. Thus, your prospect clicks on the pic and enters your website. Back to the numerals, 60% of online shoppers say that they prefer to have a deal with the site, which has the photographs shown up in search results. To say more, it works not only for online shops. The truth is that any kind of online project needs its images to be classy.

And what about your rankings? Well, the wisely created images influence search rankings as well. There were 1 million search results from Google analyzed. It showed that the projects that have one or more pictures dislodge the websites that have no images at all. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should overload your site with pictures. The discovery also showed that the additional pics will not help you.



As you may know, today infographics are pretty popular. These smartly created images allow you to showcase a lot of information. They always look stylish and harmonize with the appearance of your online project. What is more, infographics allow you to keep the design of the site clean and minimalist. Without a doubt, it is easier for a viewer to get the needed info with the help of infographics instead of reading various long posts.

Talking about infographics, HubSpot reported that websites with these design elements have 12% traffic growth. Furthermore, it also increased the number of times a user shared their posts in social media. Plus, it influences the number of backlinks. As you can see, all these things can bring you more visitors. That is why, we recommend you to use infographics.

Visual Content

What else can make you care about your visual content? Let’s think about the way our brains get information. The thing is that 90% of all the info that is transmitted to your brain is… visual. It means that before all else an online shopper will index your image. Another important fact is that visual information processes 60, 000 times faster that texts.

To sum everything up, if you provide a person with written information, they will remember only 10% of it. On the other hand, adding a groundbreaking picture makes them remember almost 70%!


Building Strong Relationships with Your Customers

Yes, that is right: a properly chosen illustration will help you to build a strong, trustworthy relationship with a client. How does it work? You already know that the top-notch photographs will help you to interest the visitors. That is how you guide people from search results to your website. Still, the work of your images doesn’t end here!

Naturally, the powerful illustrations will develop an emotional connection between the website owner and their audience. With it, you are able to create a particular atmosphere. Needless to say, everything depends on the effect you would like to achieve. The main features that will help you to do it are:

  • a color of your image;
  • its settings;
  • its mood/ character;
  • the experience you convey with the image.

For these simple reasons, we do not recommend you to use primitive stock pictures. Of course, you can find something special even in stock. In this case, be careful with your choice. All in all, your pictures are meant to charm your shoppers.

Finally, your main task is to create a trustworthy relationship with a reader/ shopper/ client. That is why trust is the thing you should always think about. In the end, you can’t create trust without quality.

What Should You Focus on

These are several things you should focus on while choosing the images for your website.


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  • Before all else, make your best to use the impressing photographs with people. The thing is that our brains were made to focus on humans that we see on the picture. Thus, make use of it
  • Secondly, make sure that all the elements of your website are responsive. We live in the 21st Century. Now people use their mobiles to shop online, read blogs, and do more things. Therefore, you need to be sure that all your illustrations will be rendered correctly.
  • Thirdly, the pictures you use should always be relevant. You can be as creative as you want to. Still, all the images should be connected somehow with your website’s content.
  • To end with, keep an eye on the colors of your illustrations! You need them to match the color palette of your online project.

Meaning of Colors

Yep, every color you are going to use for the website has its own meaning. Shortly, it influences the feeling you want to awake. For these simple reasons, you have to pay a special attention to this point. Although you are able to make a person buy your product, you can also irritate them. To make things clear, here are the most popular colors.

  • To start with, red is an impulsive, powerful, and intense color choice. In most cases, red color represents passion, fiery or power. Usually, people choose red to design a romantic online project. Red can also be a part of cosmetics shop, Christmas services site, and more. In this case, we do not recommend you to use red as the main color. To summarize, we often use red as a call-to-action factor.
  • Obviously, blue has many shades. On the first hand, blue brings you a calm, tranquil feeling. It makes people feel safe and peaceful. For these simple reasons, a design created in blue tones does not interrupt the site visiting process. Thus, you can see a lot of business images and corporate presentations that have blue as the main tone. On the other hand, there is a deep blue, which is usually used with deep red. These two colors are standing in front of each other on the color wheel. Therefore, they make a winning combination. You can meet different gym and sports-related websites in blue and red colors.
  • Being treated as the most optimistic color, orange is a quite useful color in web design. Usually, people associate it with joy and happiness. Still, orange is believed to be a calm color. By the way, it is the most popular choice for the buttons that call to action.
  • Another famous color in web design is purple. Historically, purple has always been a rich color. There were only a few people who were able to afford this royal shade. That is why, symbolizing wealth, purple color will stimulate your visitors.
  • To say more, yellow is the next bright color to be seen in various website designs. Being a warm and happy color, yellow attracts the attention of visitors.


As you may know, a lot of graphic design wordpress templates already have a built-in color palette. Still, it doesn’t mean that you will not need to enrich your top themes for wordpress with rich photography.

Seeing that, we hope that now you will choose your color palette wisely.

Let’s Summarize!

Without a doubt, there are many things your illustrations influence on. You can’t deny that a proper picture will predetermine your online project’s popularity. Firstly, you will show people that you respect them and value their time. You could have taken a usual image from stock but you did not! Secondly, you get more new visitors from search results thanks to high-quality photographs. Thirdly, you get more incoming traffic, which increases your user engagement. Fourthly, you make people spend more time on your online pages. Fifthly, you get a trustworthy relationship with your web audience.