Graphic designer is set out to create 100 incredible animated GIFs in 100 days

Nicola Gastaldi is a creative designer and animator who decided to take up a personal challenge and create an animated gif a day during 100 days in a row. This kind of challenges always brings out the best in creators, and the result proves it.


01a 01b 01c


Just like an Inktober or Nanowrimo challenge, the fact that you are supposed to work a bit on your abilities every day might spark your creativity, which is the case of Nicola, who has been working on these ‘Gastaloops’ (as he has named the project) with some rules.


01d 01e


For example, he had to keep his animations to a maximum of 50 frames and also a maximum of 3 colors in the palette used. Since he had to follow these guidelines that he has set himself, that made the exercise even more interesting!

Learn more about him on his portfolio.