Graphic Design Course: Create a Christmas Lettering

Words play an important role when it comes to design and illustration. Lettering is not only a fascinating field but also is great for adding personality and value to your work. In this course, we’ll be developing a lettering project. From the basic concepts to the final touches, we’ll be talking about different techniques and methodologies that will give you great insight into this field. If you want to add texts to your designs and get original and unique results, don’t hesitate and join me in this course!

Which project are we going to develop?

  • We’ll be creating a Christmas card on which we’ll be including our own Christmas greetings. To do so:
  • We’ll be looking for graphic references.
  • We’ll be analyzing the text and its composition.
  • We’ll be developing a lettering manually.
  • We’ll be vectorizing and improving our lettering.
  • We’ll be decorating our card. We’ll be adding the final touches.
  • We’ll be including our card into a mock-up.
  • Throughout the process, you’ll be able to learn the basics and lots of useful tips to create your own project.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to initiate in letterings creation, no matter their knowledge of design or calligraphy. To carry out the course, though, basic knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop is required.