Give Thanks, Be Happy and Enjoy This Freebie from Flaticon

By Flaticon 7 months ago

Halloween is over and Christmas is patiently waiting nearby to knock on our door and swipe us off our feet with the joy, cheer and presents. Yet there is one more holiday we should not forget about. the day, not celebrated by many (in fact, it is celebrated only in one country), but still important one and the one that gives us another opportunity to be thankful for every nice thing we have in our life.

We think you’ve guessed that we’re talking about Thanksgiving! Whatever you are throwing a nice family dinner or hosting a party with your friends, our Thanksgiving Icon Collection Freebie from Flaticon will surely come in handy!

To decorate the house or to create a nice napkins design or even to make a cute postcard with Thanksgiving’s symbol- the turkey- for all these purposes you can choose from a large variety of designs featured in this freebie. Even in the recipe book to immortalize your famous turkey and mash potato recipes- you can use these little icons!

Food, characters, and holidays essentials will be available in three different versions, and, as always, completely customizable. It has a very nice colour palette, but of course, you can change them for any you want.

Now, don’t forget to say “thank you” for this set 😉

By Flaticon



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4 months ago

thank you they great!!!

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3 months ago

Thank you! This is great!

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Nahomi Molina

1 month ago

I love these designs! <3 Thanks