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Design trends are continuously evolving. At Freepik, we’ve taken the time to compile the most popular styles of vectors on our platform at the moment. 

What will you find in this compilation? Here we reveal the most demanded types of resources on Freepik and the styles that are smashing it (and will be) in each category. 

According to what our users look and to current design trends, in 2020 you will see a lot of Classic Blue (color of the year), monochromatic color palettes but also colorful trends and gradients. 

1. Backgrounds

Backgrounds are a must for users. They are versatile and you can create backgrounds of almost anything. But…what about current background styles?

The abstract style has consistently been the most popular.  Backgrounds featuring particles or futuristic effects are quite demanded at the moment. These tend to have dark colors such as purple, blue, black or gold. 

Another common style for backgrounds is the 3D effect that comes in different compositions, such as gravitational compositions or elements with a glossy effect. Normally, these sorts of 3D backgrounds present colorful and pastel palettes.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s see some examples:

vector background abstract

geometrical background vector

3d ballons vector

2. Brochures

Brochure themes tend to be varied depending on the necessities of the users. However, brochures with a business-like theme have proved increasingly in demand by users.

The so-called brochure layout templates are top in terms of preferences. These are templates that include more than one page of the brochure.  Yet rather than preferring styles with an array of different colors users tend to be attracted to block color designs.

Photos are effective to engage the user. Brochures including photos that combine black and white and vivid colors (yellow or red) seem to work well among users. However, photos can be only included in the preview, so it’s essential you add the label “image not included” (Remember this can be a reason for rejection!). 

brochure template

brochure template with photo

3. Banners

Banners are often used for marketing purposes, so users normally like something that is going to make a statement. Thus, designs that have a little bit of a twist to them have proved increasingly popular.

Banners’ format has experienced some change. Bigger sizes are preferred, like landscape or square format.  Again, photos are catching and, if your designs include images, they will be more appealing to users (don’t forget to add the “image not included” label).  

Try to create contrast with colors. For example, mix orangish and yellowish tones with black, purple or pink. Black and red is also a winning combo. 

banner template abstract

banner template sport with photo

4. Posters

In terms of popularity, poster designs differ depending on the theme. Modern and abstract posters featuring parties, festivals and concerts are quite popular. In 2019, posters about travel were highly demanded by our users and it seems that traveling will be also in demand in 2020.

When you create a poster, always think of the audience and what kind of event if features. 

poster template abstract

poster abstract music

5. Covers

As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover, but a good cover can make the difference!  When it comes to covers, a modern style is preferred by users. Opt for contemporary styles such as geometric, gradient, or marble paint.


cover with glitch effect

cover memphis style

6. Instagram Posts

Instagram has become a major medium to reach out to people. This explains why designs for Instagram posts are highly demanded. What to design? 

Both designs for feed and stories are popular. There is a rising educational trend in this social network that leads to the need for templates focused on tips and tricks. Have a look at the following examples:

template instagram stories

template instagram post tips

7. Wedding Stationery

The wedding theme is without a doubt the winner. Users look for wedding designs all year long!

It seems that users prefer wedding sets, which are collections that include various wedding stationery elements, such as invitations, menu, envelopes, RSVP, etc. This way, users can download the whole pack with the same design and style. 

Preferred styles are flowers, leaves, and watercolor. Gold touches seem to combine well with the overall look.  Also, opt for thin fonts or lettering, which give a fancy look to the design. 

wedding collection purple

template wedding collection

8. Floral

With spring fast approaching it’s the perfect time to let your designs blossom. Floral compositions are especially popular in the wedding theme and backgrounds. 

These designs normally have a framed composition or use a watercolor or hand-drawn effect. If you decide to include text, make sure it’s centered and subtle (the design should be the main element).

background leaves

floral background watercolor

9. Lettering

Lettering has become a strong trend. You can create a lettering 100% vectorial or you can support your text with some pictures. For instance, by inserting white fonts on overexposed photos or black fonts on high-key photos.  Lettering collections also have fans among our users.

Important info: whenever you include a photo in your design, make sure you include the label “image not included”. The image will only appear in the preview.

lettering collection

lettering quote with image

With all these tips we hope that you will find inspiration and be able to design style that will make it to Freepik’s choice!

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