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As current or future vector contributors, Freepik aims to help you make as wide an impact as possible. We have identified the importance of worldwide holidays and events to generate more profit and popularity. With users from just over two hundred and thirty countries, the annual calendar is full of upcoming celebrations. We have highlighted specific ones that prove popular with users and for which we would like to extend our range of resources. As well we have provided inspirational tips on design and timing. It is important to meet measures such as peak timings in order to increase your number of downloads.           

Envisage with Events and Holidays

As champions of culture and diversity, we enjoy catering for and celebrating a number of worldwide festivities.  As to be expected Christmas related vectors receive the most downloads throughout the year. Holidays and events deriving from both Latin America and the United States are additionally favoured by users. To achieve our aim of benefiting both our users and contributors we have compiled a list of upcoming events for which we would like to boost our selection range. We have identified relevant motifs, themes, and colours to help invoke ideas.


Ramadan designs are typically creating using flat and realistic styles. Architecture is a large motif as mosque silhouettes are often set as the background. Additionally, intricate lantern symbols are common and help exhibit the theme of light. Regarding tone opposing light and dark colours are often present. This helps gives way to strong contrasting hues of purples, navies, golds, and creams.

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Our selection of Summer designs are normally created in a variety of different styles. These typically include flat, realistic and watercolour. Popular motifs and themes normally retain an element of fun and are universally recognized across borders. They include plants and flowers or holiday-related items. The colour scheme is bright and energetic with prominent sky blues and yellows.

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Designs for the Brazilian Festa Junina, which commemorates certain Saints and the dawn of harvest,  normally appear in the flat style. The general theme is lively and seeks to represent the atmosphere of the festivities. Popular adornments include colourful bunting and confetti. Popular colours include greens, blues, oranges, and reds.

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Designs for LGBT Pride are bright and energetic using a host of radiant colours. Rainbow motifs and hues are prominent along with flat and watercolour styles. Text marking the day are also present in bold font situated at the top or centre of the vector,

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When regarding Father’s Day flat designs are typically the most popular. Recurring motifs present include father figures playing with adoring children or masculine related items such as bow ties or tobacco pipes. These are present in repeated patterns or one solo image. Shades of blue often dominate the colour palette.

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It’s the Time for Design

Finding inspiration for your designs can be difficult at times yet we at Freepik aim to give you valuable pointers so that you can avoid feeling stuck. Looking at Freepik’s current selection is a good way to see what designs are available and to develop certain influences and ideas. We are proud of the current resources we have and feel they act as a great base for growth and expansion.  Specific websites associated with the upcoming events and holidays are also beneficial for research purposes. They provide information that you can use to derive certain themes and motifs. Sites such as Pinterest are advantageous when looking for visual insights.You can instantly pick up on an events tone and mood in a matter of minutes. In regards to the timing of your uploads normally two months before the actual event is recommended for reaching users. However, there are exceptions with events such as Christmas where designs are uploaded in September. The deadline for each holiday or event is two weeks before the starting date so it’s best to be prepared before then.

The upcoming events and holidays will be even more exciting for ourselves and our users with your dynamic designs on board. Whether you are just joining or have been part of Freepik for some time we hope our tips will help with both the designing and uploading. We look forward to adding to our selection and commemorating the different festivities across the world and calendar.


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