Discover all the Benefits of our Referral Program for Contributors

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NOTE: We’ve updated this article to include the details about the new update of the referral program, as well as the solution to the most common questions we have received regarding this topic.

You may have heard of ourReferral Program for contributors, but now we are going to tell you all the secrets about it!

At Freepik Company we aim to expand our universe and increase our community of designers and photographers. 

We’ve launched this program to bring talented and skilled people closer to the company and, at the same time, to offer our contributors the opportunity to earn some extra money. 

Essentially, the Referral Program is about creating together, making friends and earning money. Sounds interesting, right? Keep reading to get to know all the details about it. 

Okay, so what is the Referral Program

With the Referal Progam, Freepik’s contributors can refer new users to the company and earn some extra money. You just need to be an active contributor, that’s to say, you need to have content published on our site.

Probably there’re many creative people around you (friends, colleagues, neighbors…). Tell them about the benefits of contributing to Freepik. If they become contributors after you recommend them, you will get a reward! This is how it works:

1. You refer a friend, colleague, etc.

2. They register through your referral link 

3. They become active contributors at Freepik and publish content 

4. You earn 10% of their monthly earnings for a year.

And that’s all. 

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One of the advantages of this program is that you can refer as many new contributors as you want. There’s no limit. You only need to make sure they register through your referral link and get content published!

Also, these new contributors, after becoming active users, can also refer other friends. So all of you can earn money! 

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Another benefit of referring good contributors is that the more money they make, the more you get! How does it work? Here’s an example to make it easier to understand: 

Let’s say your referred contributor makes 200€ during his/her first month, then you’ll get 20€ for this referral in your invoice. 

The months pass and your referred contributor keeps improving and earns, for example, 500€ in a month. You get 50€! It’s that easy!

How can I check my referred contributors?

Once your friend or colleague becomes a new contributor, this is having resources published on his/her portfolio, it will appear on your contributor panel, in the Referral Program section. 

You’ll see the new referred contributors’ usernames and the date they became contributors. 

Remember that the payment for new referred contributors is made two months after the new users become active contributors. For instance, in August, you will receive the money corresponding to the contributors that joined in June. Invoices are generated two months after the new contributor signs up in Freepik and gets content published.

One useful feature to check your referred contributors is the filter by date above the Referred Friends box. You can use it to see how many referred contributors you got in a specific month, or just see them all. Your choice!

Ways to share your referral link

Ok, perhaps not everyone around you is a skilled designer or photographer, but don’t worry. There are other effective ways to reach people. It’s important that everyone knows that you’re a Freepik’s contributor. 

Social media is all the rage right now, so use your social accounts to promote your link by telling others why you’re a Freepik contributor and the benefits from uploading content to our platform. 

To help you with your task we have included social media buttons to easily share your referral link with all your followers, friends and connections. 

Another option is to send the referral link via email. This way, you will be able to reach more people and let them know what you’re doing. You just have to add your friend’s email address and we’ll do the rest. 

Also, if you write on a blog or have your own website, add the link there to offer users the possibility to sign up easily. 

There are numerous possibilities online to share your referral link, so think which one suits you best and pass the word! Or perhaps you may want to talk about it over a cup of coffee with your friends. Anything is fine as long as you get new users to register through your link.

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Wait a minute…where is my link?

You’ll find your personal link in your contributor panel! Remember that your referred contributors need to register through this link so you get your reward. 

Learn more about the program here or consult the FAQs.

If you are a designer or photographer and contribute to Freepik, don’t miss out this opportunity to earn some extra money. Bring talented people to the company and help us to expand our universe! We’re looking forward to seeing what you can do!

Check the referral program now!

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Reply to nooads


2 years ago

Hi, Please let me know how long this campaign will the end?

Helena Zamora
Helena Zamora

2 years ago

Hello! This is a permanent campaign :)

Reply to ahmad zainul abidin

my friend use my refferal get money too or no ?

Tanya Muravyeva
Tanya Muravyeva

1 year ago

Hello! If you refer a friend and this friend becomes a contributor, you both get money ;)

Reply to Kovalenko Alex

Kovalenko Alex

1 year ago

Hi. Please, are you planning to lunch a compaign for premium referrals, those who subscribe for a premium through my link

Tanya Muravyeva
Tanya Muravyeva

1 year ago

Hello Alex! Thank you for your comment, we will pass it on and see if in the future we can offer something like this :)