Freepik PROfiles: How Prakasit Became the First Brand Ambassador

By Freepik 4 months ago

The second series of Freepik PROfiles features Prakasit Khuansuwan, a former musician, photographer, and the first contributor ambassador.

I would like to tell everyone not to get discouraged easily. If you love this job to make a living out of it, do your best and give it a try.

Born in Thailand, Prakasit used to play music before becoming a photographer. He joined as a Freepik contributor five years ago, and it’s been great to count on him also as a brand ambassador. 

The microstock industry changed his life, and he’s delighted with his work. We invite you to know more about his experience as a Freepik contributor and how he became the first brand ambassador!

The first brand Ambassador at Freepik

Prakasit found in the microstock industry a place to create and have fun while benefiting from it. Since he joined the sector 7 years ago, he has encouraged many people to benefit from uploading content to platforms like Freepik.

Shortly after I found a Freepik Contributor Group on Facebook, I created a group to share my knowledge with everybody about selling graphic designs and photos on Freepik. I wanted everyone to earn money.

This is how Prakasit became the first Freepik contributor ambassador and set the path for upcoming contributor ambassadors. However, his story is also about hard work and a never-giving-up mindset.

Watch the full video to learn more about Prakasit’s story as a contributor:

👉🏽 Check Prakasit’s work here.

We hope Prakasit’s story has given you a greater insight into what being a contributor means. Stay tuned for other amazing Freepik PROfiles.

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