Freepik PROfiles: The Freelancer Life With Illustrator Alexander Gusev

We’re proud to present you Freepik PROfiles, a series of videos in which you can dive into our contributors’ and ambassadors’ stories.

Our contributor community is formed by interesting and talented artists from all over the world. Get a glimpse into their inspiring experiences and discover more about their creative journey and how they started collaborating with Freepik and Flaticon.

Freepik PROfiles aims at sharing the amazing stories behind graphic designers and photographers so you can feel inspired and learn first-hand tips to make the most of your contributor role.  

We really hope you love these exciting stories as much as we do. ❤️

Discover our first story: Alexander Gusev

Illustrator Alexander Gusev is the first to feature the stories under Freepik PROfiles. Alexandr is a graphic designer specialized in cartoon illustration. He joined Freepik as a contributor in 2017, and he’s currently one of Freepik’s Ambassadors in Russia. 

👉🏽 Check Alexander’s work here.

In his video, Alexander talks about his life, work, and how collaborating with Freepik has changed his life. He is also very optimistic about the future of microstock! 

“I do not share the opinion of some people that microstock are dead or have been dead for some time. I believe that the market will keep developing and move from the amateur segment to a more professional one. There are many interesting things ahead of us”.

To discover the full story, watch the video below 👇🏽

We hope you feel inspired by Alexander’s story and it motivates you to do great things. Stay tuned for other amazing Freepik PROfiles. ✨

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Evelina Franco

6 months ago

i like you design

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4 months ago

I'm a newbie, i hope that my account will be accepted ))))

Amelia Rubio
Amelia Rubio

4 months ago

It's great to have you onboard! If you've already uploaded your content to validate your contributor profile, our team will review it soon :)

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Yurii Bohatyrov

2 months ago

Sasha, keep it up.