Freepik Orbit Azerbaijan 2019 Highlights

On May 26th, Baku hosted a Freepik Orbit meeting where contributors from all over the country joined to share experiences. Besides, the event had a special guest, Freepik’s Growth Hacker, Álvaro García. Have a look at this post-event wrap-up to see what you missed!

Freepik Company allows contributors to organize non-official events at a local level. These gatherings aim to build an active Freepik local community and can be celebrated in any part of the globe. If you want to know more about Freepik Orbit events, we give you more details in this postThis time, it was Balash, Freepik’s Ambassador in Azerbaijan, who hosted this Freepik Orbit in BakuCheck out the event’s promotional video:


Over 180 photographers and designers attended the meeting. They enjoyed an all-morning event talking about the stock marketplace and the profitability of FreepikFor some of them, it was the first time they knew about Freepik, so it was the perfect occasion to get to know our company and our business model.

We would like to thank all the participants and the organizer for creating a rewarding and fruitful experience. They put in a lot of effort to make of this event a true success. 

During the event, professionals with a vast experience in the stock industry gave some interesting talks. A total of 6 speakers shared their expertise in the stock marketplace. They addressed issues of interest, like the increasing importance of the industry and how to make the most out of the creation process.

Besides, participants had the chance to know first-hand the latest news on Freepik. Staff member, Álvaro García, and Freepik’s Ambassador shed light upon Freepik’s business model and how to be a successful contributorThey also cleared up some doubts about the selection process, the upload requirements or where to look for inspiration.

Freepik Orbit Azerbaijan 2019 set the stage for attendees to meet other professionals, learn, and even start off in the marketThese are some event’s memories:


Baku Youth Center Freepik Orbit

If you missed it or would like to know more about Freepik Company, stay tuned. Perhaps there’s a Freepik Orbit closeby coming soon! These gatherings are the perfect atmosphere for learning, improving, and enhance your resources. And, don’t forget you can always host your own Freepik Orbit in your city!

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