Freepik Contributors’ Meetup in Bangladesh

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Here at Freepikwe want our community to grow. Meeting our users and contributors is a big part of it. We have a lot of devoted contributors worldwide who are eager to talk about Freepik. They want more people to learn about it, to see how easy it is to use and how to make an income with Freepik.

Nazmus Sakib, Freepik’s Ambassador and the founder of Xvect, is organizing a meetup that will be hosted on Saturday, April 13, for the Freepik community in Bangladesh. It will be held in the 3D Seminar Hall at the Krishibid Institute Bangladesh (KIB), which has a seating capacity for 200 participants. It is not an official Freepik meeting, but an event organized by our contributor and ambassador Nazmus aiming to bring together photographers and designers who want to build a career in Freepik.  If you live in Bangladesh and are interested, don’t miss this opportunity! Check out the Freepik Contributor Bangladesh group on Facebook to keep up with all the information concerning the event.

Freepik Meetup Bangladesh is intended for anyone interested in design and photography, whether they are professional photographers or designers in any field (web, icon, UI/UX, illustrations, etc.), students or freelancers.

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During the event, there will be different talks, a reception with snacks and drinks, and attendants will get some giveaways as well. Participants will have the chance to meet other professionals from the design and tech sector who will be talking about their artistic career and will be sharing their experience with Freepik. Among the topics, speakers and special guests will be addressing issues such as the design process and how to get new ideas, they will talk about typography, how the Freepik’s contributor program works, the advantages of getting a passive income and how to be successful in Freepik.

Given the importance that the microstock market has nowadays, this event aims at encouraging entrepreneurship in the online market and making people aware of the real potential of making a living out of online platforms such as Freepik.

It’s also an excellent opportunity for creating a robust platform of Freepik’s designers and photographers in Bangladesh and providing networking opportunities so that contributors can exchange knowledge and share experiences. Don’t worry if you are new in Freepik or haven’t signed up as a contributor yet; this meetup is also held to provide help to new or upcoming contributors who want to succeed in Freepik.

Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about Freepik and join our contributors in Bangladesh!

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4 weeks ago

Why dont freepik make some meet up annual event in every country. And get all contributors to have a chance to attend a bigger meetup event from all over the world in NY maybe?

Helena Zamora
Helena Zamora

4 weeks ago

Hello! Thank you for the feedback! Keep an eye on our newsfeed, we're preparing something interesting for you!

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3 weeks ago

love the illustration so much