Freepik Meetup in Azerbaijan is almost here!

By Freepik 3 weeks ago

Guess what? Next Freepik meetup is here! This time we go on a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan. Our Ambassador and contributor Balash is organizing the following Freepik event to be held next Sunday, 26 May at the Baku Youth Center. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet other professionals, enjoy yourself and learn from local experts.

Given the rise of platforms such as Freepik, the event intends to promote the design and photography sector within the countryThus, some of its goals are to introduce new styles in companies and address issues related to the contributor experience in Freepik. It arrives to bring together professionals so they can share new approaches and personal experiences.

During the meetup, successful designers and photographers from all over the country are going to give different talks. Among the topics, they will be throwing some light on the stock market and its profitability. The importance of digital platforms nowadays and the advantages of sharing content on Freepik are other issues of interest to address in the event. Also, speakers will go into the style they use and the content they share for both commercial and personal purposes. 

It’s a huge opportunity to discover new ways to make money and to ride the wave of the stock market. Participants will learn about Freepik’s best practices and the profitability of working as a contributor. Attendees will also get some insight into the creative process and advice on photos, illustrations and PSD files. Besides, the event will host a special guest from Freepik staff, Álvaro García, Growth Hacker, who will be giving some valuable advice on Freepik.

The event’s doors are open to everyone who aims to build a career within the stock industry. Either you are a professional or not, you are welcome to participate. Freepik Azerbaijan 2019 is an excellent chance for attendees to meet professionals who have succeeded in the sector.

We invite you to visit the site of the event to stay tuned on the latest news. Also, have a look at the Freepik Contributor Azerbaijan Facebook group to access further info about the event.

If you are a photographer or designer, live in Azerbaijan and want to know more about Freepik and the stock market, save the date! Join Balash and other professionals next Sunday, 26 May and get ready to spark your creativity!


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By Freepik