Start designing fast and easy with Freepik Designer

Have you ever struggled to create a brochure, flyer, invitation, or social media post? Maybe you lacked the skills to translate the idea in your head into an actual design, or perhaps you didn’t have the right software.

Well, those days are long gone: Freepik Designer is the only online editor you’ll need to create any graphic your business or project requires. Within one place, you can customize and download templates with professional results or create new designs from scratch with no external software needed.

Let’s walk you through Freepik Designer.

Find the design you’re looking for in our online editor

Once you’ve logged in to your account and opened Freepik Designer, you will see a white canvas waiting for you to fill it with your ideas. With so many options and features to use, let’s focus first on the basics.

Online editor - 1

If we were to make an actual design, the first question we would ask ourselves would be, “What type of design do I want to create?” Maybe you’re looking for a logo or a brochure, a poster, or a template for a presentation. Or perhaps you’re in charge of your distant cousin’s wedding invitations. Whichever it is, type it in the search bar, and you’ll get instant editable results for the design you’re looking for.

Make any edits you want

When you’ve found any templates you like, you can start editing different elements such as text, fonts, curvatures, or background colors. You can also add your own images or create them right away with our AI tools to customize your designs further, like our AI image generator, Reimagine or Sketch-to-image.

Online editor -2

There are also other elements you can add, such as different lines of text, icons, illustrations, stickers, or masks. The possibilities are endless, and we will cover them through practical use cases in our next articles.

Save your projects and work on them later

We know this feature is not as fancy as the others, but did you know you can save any projects you’ve started with Freepik Designer? That’s right. Once you’ve opened any template or started a new design from scratch, it will be automatically saved, allowing you to name your projects.

This way, your work will always be centralized in the same place.

online editor - 3

As you can see, Freepik Designer is a great place to start creating your future designs for your business or upcoming project. There are still many features, tricks, and tips to unveil, and we’re excited to witness everything you can achieve once we show them all to you.

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