Freepik Creative Universe. Episode III: The Design Warriors

By Freepik Company 8 months ago

The last, but by any means not the least we’re happy and proud to present you… Designer’s Team.

The Warriors of beauty and colour balance, the creators of the design universe, mighty and powerful.

Armed with pens, pencils, tablets and vector-vision glasses, they work constantly to provide the Universe with more quality content.

Being the biggest part of the Universe, they keep growing, accepting all talents across other Galaxies to join them. There are no mountains they cannot draw, no rivers they can’t colour and no barriers for their creative spark to bloom and enrich Freepik.


They play a truly great part in the Universe and every day try to bring beauty into this world and spread it around them. The Creatives, The Visuals, the vector Dominators and The Guardians of Content Stone. The Design Warriors.