Freepik Creative Universe. Episode I : The Creation.

Welcome to Freepik Saga! A journey through each planet, in which you will discover all the secrets and hidden places of the Freepik Universe and meet all the inhabitants. Let’s start with the Origins. Buckle up, earthlings, it’s gonna be interesting!


Alejandro Sánchez Blanes (Founder & CEO)
Sees every movement in the Universe, no one can pass by unnoticed. Always takes care of Universe habitats, providing them with fruits to make sure none of the planets suffers from vitamin deficiency. Can pick an icon to every life situation. 
Pablo Sánchez Blanes        (Founder & COO)
The Overlord of second dimension and Master of Brightness Adjustment in The Universe. Can take a perfect shot sleeping, in the darkroom and with a damaged camera. Maintains RBG balance, dexterously adjusts curves in every planet of the universe and creates the composition.

Joaquín Cuenca Abela        (Founder & CTO)
Supports all the sectors of the Universe and make sure none of the ships break or take off the course. Likes to learn new things and give knowledge to others. Thinks that if you give a man a vector illustration, he’ll be happy for a day, but if you teach him how to make one, he’ll be happy for life.


Alejandro Gómez Martínez          (IT Manager) 
The captain of the technical ship, responsible for the harmonious work of the entire technology in each planet and outside the Universe. Can repair the engine slowly sipping coffee and writing a poem in Czech. Remains cool in times of crisis, firmly holds the wheel singing “I will survive”.

Luisa Mateos Navarro (Production Manager)
Stormhold of Peacefulness in the Universe. Spends her time, learning all the secrets of the Universe, but always feels when needed and immediately appears there. With an internal balance and a solid hand, she helps the rest of the planets to create quality content and release it on time.