Freepik Company’s Illustration Guide

Freepik Universe is full of possibilities. We eliminate the barriers and we put users at the centre of all. For us, the most important thing is to be able to communicate with our users. For that purpose, and since our original base is vector design, we chose illustration to develop the new visual language. Above all, we wanted to create a style that is consistent, recognisable and brings value to the platform. In this article, we’ll share with you the basic principles of the visual language we’ve developed.


Our characters are as far from stereotypes as we can get them, taking them away from body types, facial features, as well as ethnic or cultural features. We reinforce this message with a colour pallet for the skin colours of our characters.

Even more, we inject some personality in the empty spaces or to use them where we might feel that there is a negative news for the user. The easiest way of doing this is to use topical events where the character is sad or, maybe, confused. Our objective is to turn around the concepts and show positive scenes with an alternative spin to the situation.


Depending on the placement and the use of each illustration, we have defined different levels of finish and detail. Mainly speaking, there are two types: there are illustrations that are more complex, used for blank spaces or for the presentation of more important concepts, and then there are simple ones that could be used to give more meaning to a list of concepts or options in which the user would be able to see the differences in a more intuitive way, thanks to the combination of text and image.



Finally, we create our own interface elements, such as illustrated icons, using the same stylistic resources.


The objective was to create an illustrative style that will introduce consistency across our platforms and users and will be able to unify all four projects in Freepik Company. We wanted to create memorable images, full of bright colours, so they will be noticeable and positive.

Our goal is to transmit the clear message through every part of our brand identity: the logo, the font, the colour palettes, the illustrations. Hence recognizable, colourful, optimistic and friendly images create the connection between the company and the users. They make them feel happy and accepted in our Universe.

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