Freepik Company at eCongress 2020: the keys to success

Last Saturday, 12th September, Málaga celebrated the 8th edition of the eCongress, a meeting that brings together professionals from the Digital Marketing, eCommerce, and Social Media sectors from all over Spain.

Freepik Company has already attended the event in past editions. However, this is the first year that we got on stage! Manuel Férandez, Chief Operating Officer of the company, represented our brand there.

We really had a good time learning from the experience and the talent of the rest of the professionals. But it was also a pleasure for us to share with them the growth of Freepik Company.

eCongress Malaga 2020

eCongress 2020, the 8th Edition

eCongress Málaga was born in 2013 to create a reference event that gathers up professionals from the eCommerce, Social Networks, and Digital Marketing fields.

In this meeting, experts from different disciplines provide new ways of understanding online commerce, where technological developments play a leading role. This 8th edition brought together 12 professionals from different places in Spain, who shared with the rest their knowledge in the field.

The organizers’ security measures made it possible for the attendees to learn, network, and acquire new ideas.

Freepik Company at  the eCongress 2020

Freepik has attended the congress several times, but this was the first year we participated as speakers. It was Manuel Fernández, COO at Freepik Company, who represented the brand.

Freepik was born more than 10 years ago as a start-up, and nowadays is one of the reference platforms in the microstock sector. In his speech last Saturday, Manuel talked about the “Keys to attract users worldwide without leaving your city”. 

Freepik Company en el eCongress 2020

In fact, this has been one of the greatest achievements of our platform. Today, Freepik Company is formed by Freepik, Flaticon, and Slidesgo, three platforms that offer quality graphic resources to users worldwide. They add up to more than 110 million visits per month, a figure that has been possible thanks to the effort and years of dedication.

The company’s COO, Manuel Fernández, also mentioned some of the secrets of our success: a realistic growth plan, technological investment, and the team’s talent.

Freepik Company en el eCongress 2020