François Dourlen walks around with his iPhone to take photos where Simpsons meet reality

By Freepik Company 2 years ago


Fraçois Dourlen says that, like anyone else, he gets bored sometimes and he uses his imagination to reinterpret the world around him on his daily walks. He has an ability to associate random shapes with famous cartoon characters!


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He will see a tall blue flower and imagine that it’s Marge Simpson’s hairdo… And then he will snap a photo of his phone with the cartoon character’s picture over the background, resulting in a very funny series.


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He finds characters from The Simpsons, The Lion King, Looney Tunes and even anime characters such as Goku around his town. He is happy to share his thoughts with so many people, and we’re glad to see these awesome pics!

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H/t BoredPanda