Follow this couple away in these dreamy, majestic photographs

This couple formed by a model (Victoria Yore) and a photographer (Terrence Drysdale) from Florida is responsible for “Follow me away”, the blog on which they document their trips. But this is no ordinary travel-themed blog —it contains the incredible work of the two shooting breathtaking pictures in the most beautiful scenarios that they find during their traveling across Europe and the US.


The pictures that Terrence takes of Victoria are purely majestic. Although the only thing staged is the dress choice, everything else is natural: the hair, the looks, the poses, the surroundings. But something about the scenarios is brought to life through these photographs: the supernatural and the magic that goes unnoticed outside of these pictures.


Up until now, the couple has already crossed nine countries (some of them being Germany, Iceland or the States themselves) but they plan on going further: they intend to continue their journey through Europe, taking pictures from another world, a different one than the one we know.


Follow their adventures and learn more about them on their website!

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