Add Icons to your Documents with Flaticon G Suit Extension

By Flaticon 2 months ago

We continue sharing with you cool features we have at Flaticon and that you might have forgotten. We already talked about customizable icons and how to generate your own pattern. So today we pass to Flaticon’s Chrome Extention.

So what are the Chrome Extensions exactly?

Extensions are small software programs that can improve and customize your browsing experience. In short, extensions are little features, boost up you can give to your browser to customize it to your needs. There are all types of extensions for both professional and personal use. This those you can block ads, filer the news, get social media notifications and more. Here at Flaticon, we created our own icon extension. You can download it here.

This extension is available for the group of Google Pack/Office. You can use it in your shared documents, presentations or spreadsheets. Search and put icons in your notes to highlight and illustrate your thoughts.

Flaticon Chrome Extension is easy to use

First Install the extension.

Then open your Gsuit document and go to Add-ons. There in the drop-down menu, you’ll see “Flaticon for Gsuit,” then click “start” and done! On the right side of the screen, you should see the panel with icons!

flaticon extension install

Choose or search the icon you need, flip through pages using arrows if needed. Once you’ve found the one, click on it so it can appear in your document. Once you have the icon in the document, you can move it and change its size. You can filter the search by style and color. In the future, we plan to offer the same level of icon customization as on our web.

flaticon extension image

Just like that, you’re good to go and add icons in your documents. Don’t forget to check our previous articles about Flaticon Editor Tool and Pattern Generator. Click on the button below and check Flaticon extension right now and iconize your documents and presentations!

Install now!


By Flaticon