Five Tips To Present Your Black Friday Promotion

By Slidesgo 1 month ago

With November just around the corner, the holiday shopping season, including Black Friday, is about to enter full swing.

This means that now’s the time to be thinking about marketing promotions to jump on sales opportunities.

And there’s nothing like an attractive presentation that will get your viewers excited and on the edge of their seats about the upcoming deals.

Aside from making the content informative, it also has to be visually appealing to capture their attention.

In this post, we have for you five design tips to help you prepare your Black Friday sales with examples from two beautiful themed templates created by our team at Slidesgo.

Let’s get to it!

Tip #1: Make It Visual

Humans are visual creatures. That’s why the very first and all-important step is to make your deck a feast for the eyes and as captivating as possible.

This starts with following these two basic rules:

  • Be coherent with style
  • Keep text to a minimum

Be Coherent With Style

Take, for instance, our Black Friday Sales presentation template.

We’ve used the same abstract, purple, and futuristic background for the entire deck to maintain a sense of consistency.

With a smartwatch on the cover page and a pair of wireless headphones on this slide above, the tech theme is also evident, which actually makes this a great template for IT companies looking to launch Black Friday promotions.

Keep Text To a Minimum

Having too much text can be pretty heavy on the eyes.

In general, the fewer words there are, the easier it is to drill home your point and for your audience to grasp your main message.

As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words.

So try to use images, icons, or illustrations where possible to reinforce and retain your point, which brings us to our next tip.

Tip #2: Use Infographics

In the essence of reducing text, a great alternative is infographics.

They are extremely effective for content retention because their visual nature helps to convey information in a way that would come up short with words.

Not only does it simplify complex concepts, it’s also very engaging, which allows you to better hold your audience’s attention.

The absolute best thing about infographics is that they come in many possibilities.

A timeline, like this one in our Awesome Black Friday Sales template does the job of conveying information across clearly and neatly with minimal elements needed.

This is a practical page to use to lay out the different promotions in place during the Black Friday period so interested shoppers can keep track of what’s going on and when.

Tip #3: Present Data

Numbers and statistics play key roles in all sales and marketing material because they’re hard and irrefutable facts.

Instead of simply throwing them on, portray them in a way that helps to make sense of them.

This is exactly where data presentation aids like charts, graphs, and tables come in handy.

Graphs can be used for anything from showing a growing trend to an increase in demand.

If what you need is a comparison, then tables are your answer.

They’re not only compact but also simple to understand because of the side-by-side comparison its rows and columns offers.

Tip #4: Show Your Product

It’s the Black Friday shopping spree that you want to take advantage of to sell. So naturally, one thing that’s absolutely vital in your content is your product.

Our templates come with ready-made designs that you can effortlessly adapt.

Here’s an example. If you’re selling something physical and tangible, simply replace the image on this slide.

There’re plenty of options available to you, too. You can choose to feature it as a standalone photo or show it being used.

This slide below, for example, would be amazing for a company selling virtual reality sets.

If your product is non-tangible, like a software, getting an image of it may require taking screenshots.

One way to include these would be to just paste the capture.

For a more polished look, we’ve included graphics of digital devices in our designs so you can impose your screenshot in them, which makes them look much more authentic.

The best part of it is that our templates come with not only illustrations of desktops in which you can place your screenshot but also those of tablets and smartphones!

Tip #5: List Its Advantages

One thing you absolutely cannot miss having in your Black Friday marketing plan is your product’s main selling points.

To introduce these, consider using icons to represent the benefits buyers obtain. Couple them with a short, one-word title and a succinct description for each and you have an informative and neat layout.

Need to highlight some numbers for quantitative proof of the advantages of purchasing your product?

Then let it be the focal point of your slide. In other words, the most eye-catching element on it.

Remember, when it comes to marketing, it’s always more effective to sell the advantages instead of talking about features.

Make use of this slide to portray benefits like how much buyers can save (e.g., time, money, effort) or gain (e.g., experience, knowledge).

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