Find Out the Best Resources of Our Summer Campaign

By Freepik 1 week ago

In today’s post, we share with you some of the best resources of our summer campaign! At Freepik, we want our contributors to enhance their portfolio at the same time that we all work together to make the most out of our platform.

A few months ago, we launched a summer campaign where we were offered our contributors the possibility to earn some extra money. We asked them to submit summer resources (vectors, photos, PSD files). But, in order for the promo to be valid, each content type had to be tagged following our instructions.

So, there was a twofold goal: creating summer content and using the most relevant tags. As you know, tagging resources properly is one of our golden rules. Correct tags make it easier for users to retrieve your content (if you still have doubts on tagging, here is a post on how to effectively tag resources). 

Some of our contributors did really well in this campaign, and we want to show you the best resources! Congrats and thanks for your hard work:


By Lmykolaice cream summer campaign

summer orange drink


By irynamelnyk

exotic smoothy summer

Homemade coffee and chocolate ice cream

By Stolyevych_yuliya

Strawberry smoothie summer

mojito cocktail summer




By ddevicee

Big summer sale

summer sale



By teravector

summer vectorsummer vacation poster


By Pavel Vinnik

summer sale banner vector

summer vector banner



3. SUMMER PSD files

By PawStyle

summer mockup

summer mockup

Did you participate? If not, get ready for the next campaign which is coming soon! Freepik campaigns are a huge opportunity to earn extra money and enhance your portfolio!

And next time you upload content to Freepik, remember to submit original and quality content, do it on time (two months earlier the event it refers to) and use tags properly!

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By Freepik