Sometimes, during an episode of artblock, you find yourself wandering amongst inspiration palettes and color schemes. But, at times — although you are thankful towards whoever put these colors together — something just feels off. That olive green isn’t greenish enough. And you modify the hue a little then adjust the saturation and you can’t still decide if you liked it better before or after. At some point you may ask, what does olive even look like?


You can go and look it up on a dictionary. According to Merriam-Webster’s it’s “a yellowish-green color”. Still looking for an answer? Try Ingrid Sundberg’s Color Thesaurus!


This California-based writer and artist has put together this catalogue of common color names and their respective shade —so that you can wander through words and hues from White to Black. The association of words and colors can be inspiring and certainly amusing, so don’t be surprised if you feel a new idea or two popping into your head, readying your gears to create!



What color is a coin? A soft cool grey, according to the thesaurus. A penny is still a coin, but a slightly reddish brown in the thesaurus. These and many more are food and object names that are commonly used to name different shades of the same color, assembled in this innovative catalogue.

Check them out and learn more about this on Ingrid’s website.