New features available on our online editor Wepik

You’re probably already a Wepik user and are familiar with our online editor, which lets you customize your designs quickly and conveniently. Yes! Not because we say so, but because the number of users has not stopped growing since its launch

That’s why we want to tell you about some of the new features that have been added to the platform, opening up a world of possibilities for you to design like a true professional. 

You already know that you can edit the color, texts and font on Wepik, but have you ever tried changing the background of an image, adding a QR code or sharing your design on social media? Well, you can do all that on our online editor and here we’ll tell you how. 

Remove the background of an image

You may have often found yourself with a Freepik resource that matches your design, but you don’t need the background elements. Now, with Wepik, you can remove that part of the image in a single click. 

Once inside your chosen template, you simply have to follow these two easy steps: 

  1. Select the image
  2. Click the first button: Remove background


And that’s it! Impressive, right? What’s more, this feature is free and unlimited, so you can use it as much as you want. 

Shall we tell you something else? This simple way of removing backgrounds is available for all Freepik photographic resources. When you select a photo on Freepik, you can click the Edit online button, which will take you directly to the Wepik editor, where you can try this and other features. As easy as it is quick!

Add a QR code to your design

In many of your designs you’ll need to include more information and, without a doubt, QR codes are an easy and convenient way to do so. 

Now, with Wepik, you can add them directly without leaving the editor:   

  1. Select Add element
  2. Click on Add QR code
  3. Include the destination link and insert the QR in your design.


Use this feature to give added value to your flyers, posters, menus, business cards and more.

Share the result on social media

After admiring the result of your design, you have to share it! Now you’ll be able to post your creations directly on your social network of choice or share them by email with a single click. 

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Share using the Share icon
  2. Click on the Download button, select the format and share on social media or by email


Now you can relax and wait for all the likes to roll in, or you can also start on your next design. You know your community needs to hear from you every day 😉

In addition to these new features, the option of sharing by link is still available. When you click on the Share button, we’ll generate an automatic link for you that you can copy and send to whoever you want to show off your design. 

Manage and organize your designs on Wepik

With My creations, you’ll find it easy to organize your work on Wepik, as you can create folders that will help you find your images easily. 

This is a super useful way to classify and organize your work by projects, customers, dates, etc., allowing you to keep up to date with all your deliveries and posts.

If you want to start using this feature:  

  1. Go to My creations from the home page
  2. Create folders, add designs or manage your images


What are you waiting for? Explore all the possibilities offered by Wepik!

You can choose between thousands of available templates, with a wide range of different themes. 

Once you choose yours, as always, you can customize each element of the design by changing colors, positions, sizes and fonts. And you can also put all these new features into practice. We can’t wait to see the result!