Featured Artist: Vedran Klemens

Being versatile is probably one of the greatest virtues any graphic designer, illustrator, or artist can have because it means that you are able to take on all kinds of projects. To achieve this, you need to be flexible and work hard, explore other people’s work in order to learn, and pay close attention to the qualities that make other people special. That’s why, this month, we want to introduce you to a Featured Artist who has made versatility his hallmark: Vedran Klemens. 

Work Hard to Become Flexible

One of the toughest problems that creatives face on a daily basis is keeping their frustration at bay. It’s a common mistake to keep comparing yourself with others and, instead of learning from them, only seeing all of your faults. However, there are plenty of tips you can follow to avoid this and keep yourself motivated. This will also help you to discover the sacrifice and working methods of artists like Vedran Klemens, who’s continuously growing and developing to improve. “I keep changing my style because I love discovering new things, experimenting, and trying out new ways of drawing. For the special collection that I made for Freepik, I wanted to try something simple, playing around with monoline drawing and a flat color style. I wanted to find something cheerful and fun.”

Vedran Klemens 1

It’s important to be flexible enough to unleash your creativity, to let the ideas flow through you. However, you also have to actively look for them. Or, in the words of this great graphic designer: “Coming up with good ideas is like a job for me because I sit doodling and thinking for hours on end until something pops into my head.”

Inspiration Through Windows

Websites like Freepik and Flaticon draw on the work of thousands of artists, not only to offer the best images but also to provide inspiration. This is one of the biggest pluses of the times we live in, isn’t it? You can open any browser and watch it become a window to the world, to discover new talents. Taking advantage of this is one of the secrets behind this Featured Artist: “For over 20 years I’ve been surfing the Internet every day for hours on end, looking for new trends in design and the world of art. I’ve picked up influences from all corners of the world, whether from the avant-garde and underground movements, pop culture, the advertising world, comics, or animation. There are tons of artists who I admire. So many that I can’t possibly name them all, but if I had to focus on drawing alone, I’d have to highlight Jean Giraud and Crumb. They’re my favorites.”

Vedran Klemens 2

One of the biggest consequences of everyone being connected to each other is that we’re more aware of other people’s lives, which is why social causes have become so important. Vedran Klemens often uses his creations to cover these kinds of issues. “Although most of my creations are directly linked to my imagination, emotions, and mood, I really enjoy playing with certain topics that are taboo or social issues that I care about a lot. Art is a very powerful tool of communication, so it can help.”

New Creative Markets

Another of the big changes of our times is the emergence of new opportunities that allow creators from around the world to make their work available. Offering your work on platforms like Freepik and Flaticon is a great way to monetize your efforts, especially given that you are backed up by the world’s biggest start-ups. As Vedran puts it: “Working with Freepik was a pleasant and highly professional experience. Also, the more chances I get to show off my work, the better.”

But new doors are also opening, for example, the world of NFTs, a universe that this Featured Artist knows all about. “A group of NFT enthusiasts hired me to make a collection. They gave me free rein and let me draw some fun characters. I forgot about all the limits that bigger clients usually impose. Although I created a special collection, I think that there’s still a lot to discover about NFTs and blockchain technology in general, but I think it’s really interesting.”

Being flexible is one of the standout features of this artist and, as you can see, it’s a great time to face the challenges that this brings. Never forget that we’ll be right by your side, offering you the best images and the inspiration you need to do it.