Featured Artist: Sonia Lazo

 A few months ago, we shared with you Freepik’s new projects: Featured Artists. This project aims to collaborate with graphic designers around the world and share their work with our community. To learn more about the Featured Designers see our post here. This time around, Freepik collaborated with independent Salvadorian artist Sonia Lazo. 
“Working on this project with Freepik has been a rewarding experience. I liked everything from the way of working to the illustrations that I’ve made. Being a graphic design student I found out about Freepik, the way the company works and the number of tools it provides to creative minds all over the world. It meant quite a lot to me that I have been selected to be featured in this project.”
 sonia lazo featured artist

The Featured Artist: Sonia Lazo

Sonia Lazo is an independent designer and recently a tattoo artist from Salvador. She graduated from the Graphic Design faculty at the local university. She started working as a designer while being a student. Sonia’s work explores the themes of feminism, tolerance, and more.
She works on freelance projects in the field of surface design, editorial, and children’s illustration. Recently Sonia launched her first written and illustrated book: “Witch, Please!”, and currently working on the second one. She has done exhibitions, talks, and workshops in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, United States, France, and Dubai.

The project

For her featured artist project, Sonia designed a set of ten birthday cards.  Each card has her style and color palette. These cards are unique yet universal. They can be a great addition to a gift or be one on their own.


sketch sonia cards


I think my favorite part of the process was creating characters, making up how they should look like, thinking about details, and so on. I wanted them to be adorable but also peculiar. Apart from this, I liked choosing the color palette, it is a crucial step in the process for me in general, and this collection was not an exclusion.”
When we asked Sonia what helped her to find inspiration for this project, she assured us she had the idea clear in her mind right from the start. “I knew they should be fun, cheerful illustrations and transmit positive emotions. It wasn’t that complicated to think about the idea; I just had to imagine what kind of birthday card I’d be happy to give and to receive.


birthday cards color sonia lazo
“My advice to all beginner designers out there is easy. Everything is really pure practice, once you have defined what you like to do, do not stop practicing. If there are no real projects to work on, you have to create your own. I really believe that opportunities appear as long as you stay focused on doing what you like.”
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