Entertainment Freebies Are Always a Good Idea

By Flaticon 1 week ago

We love freebies but even more, if they are this fun! It’s Flaticon turn today to present a new icon collection about Entertainment. Awesome, right? If you’re designing a music app and need some guitar, trumpets, or keyboard icons, you’ve come to the right place.

Scroll down and have a close look at this pack, you’ll see a great variety of leisure and entertainment concepts to use in many different projects. For instance, you can find icons such as entrance tickets, music instruments, funfair attractions, or any other element you would find at parties or events. Include them on websites, blogs, or apps. Or you could use them to customize your own party invitations.

None of these ideas suits you? Well, like with any of our designs, these kind of icons are perfect for printing on clothes, tote bags or mugs and make original merchandising for your shop or club. The entertainment icon collection in this set comes in three versions: linear color, flat, and outline. The vector files come in both PNG and SVG formats and are infinitely scalable, also color customizable to fit your project. Enjoy them and like always just hit the green button to download for free!

By Flaticon



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1 week ago

This was pure fun!