Enliven Your Icons With Some Expert Knowledge

By Flaticon 2 years ago

Here at Flaticon, we are constantly motivated to enhance and improve our icon range. We along with yourselves, as icon contributors,  understand the significance they have for our users. They are able to communicate an array of different concepts transcending any cultural or language barriers. Here we present some expert advice on how to fulfill user demands. We have identified shortages in certain categories as well specific areas where the production process can be improved.

Icon Construction

One of the key points of icons and their construction is that their message must be simple and precise. Secondly, they must always be consistent and work together. When designing icons as part of packs it’s always important to maintain homogeneity throughout the collection. There must be a clear link and uniform style between each icon. However, this does not prevent some elements within the pack having some variety. For example, if you are designing a pack of icons that include houses, each house can be a different shape it just has to retain a similar style. When actually constructing the icons you can use basic geometrical shapes such as squares, circles, and rectangles (and the combination of these shapes) as the building blocks for your icons. To avoid any overlapping, however, it’s important to respect minimal spaces between the construction lines of each icon.

697733-finance773550-marketing-and-seo 799339-real-estate

Icon Style

The level of detail in each icon is fundamental to its use. Icon styles that carry a basic level of detail (from 32 to 16px) are useful for web and interface purposes. Due to their minimal size, the design of these icons requires a high level of conceptualization and a correct election of the concepts you want to include in your collection.  Icons with less detail usually possess a high level of popularity as users can change the size and make them as small as possible (usually 16px). Highly detailed icons are well suited to infographics and illustrations. Despite the high level of detail it is still vital to remember they are signs to represent meanings which can be decoded university. Having different versions of your icons are central to an icon packs popularity as it will allow them to fulfill more purposes. It will offer users different solutions yet still within the same collection.


Popular and Needed Icons

Some of the categories consistently most popular with users are trade, business, education, finance, web development, and marketing. There are a large collection of these on the Flaticon website and they can be used for a variety of commercial and personal projects. However, one category that Flaticon would like to enhance is that of holidays and festivals. This includes special holidays like Christmas and Easter and days such as St. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Users often resort to these icons for creative purposes and we seek to have the widest collection as possible.


Women Icons

At Flaticon we strive to represent diversity and equality in all areas of our work. We believe that all the women out there working in a variety of different professions and industries deserve to be commemorated. This has also been a past request from users and we always like to receive feedback as a way of improving and widening our selection. We would like to see women icons in roles that were previously attributed to traditionally male-dominated industries. This includes more women architects, engineers, construction workers, police, and firefighters to name a few.

661427-women-avatars111341-working-women 122443-color-professions-avatars

With this knowledge at your feet, we are excited to see what your new icon designs bring. At Flaticon our user’s experience is a motivating factor and we want to not only meet their demands but also surpass them as well. We want our icons to be constructed to the highest standard possible and know that you will help us take Flaticon to new heights.

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