Enjoy Some Music Madness with the Freepik and Flaticon Music Festival Icon Collection Freebie

By Flaticon 9 months ago

It’s that time of year when all our favourite festivals are fast approaching. Whether you have your tickets lined up or can only dream of affording them you can still be part of the celebrations. The Freepik and Flaticon Music Festival Icon Collection Freebie has everything to prepare you for the excitement. You will feel as if you are right in the centre of the crowd absorbing the atmosphere and energy. They are suitable for everyone whether you like to adorn your hair with flower garlands or shake it until the early hours of the morning.

The collection has everything you can imagine from stages set in anticipation to those sought-after VIP passes. You can imagine your sitting around a fire with your closest friends drinking with the amusing beer icons. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for some heavy metal with striking lace-up boot design.

You can edit both the colour and size of the designs to personalize them for your needs. They are available to download in both the SVG and PNG formats. They will certainly make some fabulous festival goodies such as t-shirts, bags, badges or posters. Now all you have to do is focus on the music and making of memories.


By Flaticon